Friday, March 12, 2010

The Shop is Open again

Just a quickie to say the shop is open again (at last) on Etsy and all the dolls are reduced. While I've been away my style has been evolving and the new dolls are going to look different, so I've decided to do a "Clearance Sale" on my older dolls before listing anything new. If you see anything you like, get in quick as they all have only a few weeks left at most on their listings, once they run out they won't come back to the shop. I may auction any that are left on Ebay at some later date, but i want to start featuring my new work from the Spring.

Another change, no more prints or ACEOs! I was just stretching myself too thin and the dolls won.... i am an illustrator as well as a designer by trade and in the end creating prints was too much like the day job! All 20 of the Limited Edition "Mighty Boosh" ACEOs have sold, sorry to all the people who asked about it while the shop was closed, but there are no more :o(


CindySowers said...

Yay, shop is open! Yay!

Sally StitchyWooWoo said...

Whoo Hoo, feeling better Yve. Glad to see the shop open.

Yve said...

Thank you ladies and so am I! I'm definitely on the mend and need to clear the decks for new dollies :o)