Monday, March 1, 2010


Yay!!! The draw for the winners of my 2 "Mature Beauty" Art Dolls was this morning and I am pleased to announce that Lauren, in red, will soon be on her way to Anka Bizjak Gale, and Nicole, in mint, will also be on her way to Esther Verschoor. Congratulations to both of you, I hope you love your dolls as much as I did making them and a huge and heartfelt thank you to all the very sweet and special people who made donations to help Oxfam's excellent work over in Haiti, you are all stars! :o)


Beadwright said...

Big congratulations to your winners.


Yve said...

Thank you :o)

Abi said...

Congratulations ladies! lucky you :O)

And, thank you for your kind words Yve... still can't believe it :O(
I thought posting a picture would help it sink in.... not quite worked!!

How you doing? how's your back?, and how long are you to keep me in suspense over your new dolls?