Saturday, February 6, 2010

A message from Oxfam

I got an email from Oxfam today, thanking you and me for our support by raising funds with the Art Doll Giveaway, I include a few excerpts below:
"On behalf of the people of Haiti, we are extremely grateful for this support."
"All of the money raised through your Just Giving page will come directly to our Haiti fund, allowing our teams across the region to respond immediately to the situation where the need is most urgent. Your generous fundraising will enable us to reach even more survivors, and provide them with lifesaving supplies of water and essential sanitation."
"Our response in Haiti is currently helping a total of 85,000 people affected by the earthquake, with plans to extend this support to reach over 110,000. As the focus of relief efforts in Haiti turns towards recovery, we have started to employ people to clean up their makeshift camps and improve their living conditions, eg removing rubble, clearing market spaces, helping to dig latrines. This “cash-for-work” effort is set to expand across nine sites where Oxfam has recently installed clean water and latrines, serving 80,000 people.

We also have installed water bladders at five sites, bringing clean water to 65,000 people. Water trucks are arriving daily, and we’ve put monitors in place to call for more when needed. We’re working hard to provide effective sanitation for 75,000 people. Work on latrines and washing areas has been completed at two sites, including on latrine designed for use by disabled people, and will soon be completed at a further three sites.

You can find out more about Oxfam's response work in Haiti by visiting our website which we are updating with news, reports and podcasts from our staff on the ground at"

A huge personal thank you to each and every one of you who has helped me reach 75% of my modest goal so far. I know that most , if not all, of us have already donated our money and fundraising efforts to help people after this devastating event, so that makes your donations even more appreciated. The problem in Haiti is enormous and will take many years to overcome so every last penny/cent will help :o)


Spellflinger said...

Excellent! I gave through my local bank as I have no means to donate online. Again, good on you for using your blog to raise funds and awesome they let you know what your donations have accomplished!

The Josie Baggley Company said...

That's just fab...we're nearly there!
You're just great at by what you're doing here Yve. Fair play to you for setting it all up -I know that took time.

IF I win I would certainly love the lady with the red rose. Love red roses I do!

Yve said...

Thank you both again :o)