Thursday, January 28, 2010

Travelling Doll Project

Things have not been going to well for me in 2010 so far... as you may have gathered. Had a big relapse on Sunday and now I'm back to total bed rest and can do nothing about it. I can barely move, even typing is causing little spasms in my back.

So how does that affect my part in the Travelling Doll Project? Well, I was all gun's blazing to make a totally NEW doll and had started work on a new pattern prototype, he was to be a Victorian Magician, a dapper little frog named Vernon McQuilty. I've written a short story about McQuilty's Travelling Toad Show, produced that as a booklet and even sketched out an "olde worlde" music hall style poster to advertise his act (with reviews!).

All I had left to do was cut out the real pattern with the minor adjustments from the prototype, sew him together, stuff him and do a bit of needle sculpting. He was going to be made entirely of unbleached calico so that whoever got him next could dye or paint him into full froggy life... (mainly because I have no green fabric or dye and can't physically go anywhere to get any!)... oh, and I needed to make his journal.

Why am I saying it all in the past tense? Well, last week when my leg/back was a lot better than it is now, I discovered that I was incapable of using the sewing machine... blasted foot peddle is beyond me. I stuff my dolls too robustly for hand stitching to be a realistic option! A friend volunteered to do that bit but by the weekend it was obvious that it was all just too much. Sadly, I am finding that while the distraction would be welcome, the mix of constant pain, restrictive movement and a foggy brain mushed out on heavy duty pain medication are making this a no go... :o( I don't think Vernon McQuilty will be performing any amphibian magic for some time to come.

So, have I backed out of the long-anticipated TDP? NO, not a bit of it! I'm just working on a less challenging doll that I constructed before Christmas and this infernal injury descended upon me :o) She should be finished tomorrow so hopefully I can show you pics of her and her Journal before I ask someone to post her off to Angela Rosseau for me. So check back then and I'll also give you the lowdown on all the members of my team and where you can follow the TDP as a whole :o)

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