Monday, December 14, 2009

Skiya's little accident :o(

Woe is me... recently someone said to me that she'd learnt that BJDs weren't actually as fragile as they seem. I took that with a pinch of salt and now don't know what to make of what just happened to my beloved Peakswoods Skiya.

Let me set the scene, it's dark, it's raining (it's Wales, what do you expect?) and our Kitchen door opens out onto a concrete yard, across which is a "wash-house". It has a washing machine, a dryer, clothes lines and a big sink with a metal drainer. It also houses the vast majority of spiders currently living in Wales and, boy, do they like to make their presence felt. But it's a great place for spraying paints and varnishes so it plays a part in the whole doll making process.

I spent a non-rainy afternoon finally applying the first ever face-up to Skiya, trying to make her look as much like the Val Zeitler/Haute Doll Halloween doll from last summer as possible. That was the very first BJD I fell in love with and there was no way I could afford her back then, so I set about selling my doll collection (Mainly Tonner) and gradualy got the funds together for Skiya, got her a few weeks back in fact. Anyway, ready for the final layer of MSC spray so back out to the Wash-House.

By now it was very dark and pouring down so I ran across the yard and grabbed the light switch with Skiya's head protected under my coat. I kind of slipped slightly coming through the door - Her head has magnets in it to keep the head cap on and as the sink unit is metal the head just flew out of my grasp and clattered onto the side of the sink unit, was too heavy to hang there and fell, ricocheting against metal and stone into a pile of buckets under the sink. Aaaaaaaaaarrrrgggghh!!!!!!!

I now had to reach down into the cobwebby blackness and feel around in the damp nastiness of disguarded gardening equipment, deep in the heart of eight-legged terror-itory, to find my poor doll's head. Found it I did and yanked it back out into the light along with a sticky veil of cobwebs. Bleeeurrrghhh... apart form a big ol' dint in her nose and a small scratch on her forehead, she is fine!

I've cleaned off all the make-up now (ggggrrrr) and apart from those 2 areas she doesn't have a scratch. I've sanded the nose ding and the scratch and they feel really smooth but just don't have that slight sheeny finish that resin usually has on the face area. I'm hoping after a few coats of MSC she will look good as new... then I can start the face over again.


This is the adorable little face I was trying to achieve - Photo borrowed from Resin Angel's Flickr stream


Moriah said...

What a heartbreaking tale! I could almost feel your terror while reading the story. Thank goodness it didn't break into pieces! I'm sure she'll look fantastic when you're done.

Yve said...

Thanks Moirah, keep you fingers crossed for me :o)

Caro-chan said...

I'm very sorry to hear that :( That is really awful, thank goodness you were able to fix her! MSC and pastels should cover that up, I've done my share of sanding dolls faces and they are all fine once you coat them!

Zan Asha said...

Ohhh nooooo, that is horrible, I am also crossing my fingers for you, please keep us updated!

Yve said...

Thanks ladies. Caro-chan, that's good to hear because I don't want to have to colour her whole face because she's such a lovely white transluscent resin! The nose tip looks more solid white than the rest now it's sanded, hope the msc will even that out?

Abi said...

God, I thought it was going to be a terrific disaster! I love the way you tell a story - you should really write a book. Beautiful doll -
I found a collection of dolls on flickr, and absolutely fell in love - I didn't save the contact, but really must go and find her again - they are to die for. One of them had horns and hooves - wicked! It's all your fault I'm falling for these dolls :O)

Yve said...

Oh yeah, lots of them seem to have horns and hooves. There's a really cute baby one with the H&H called "Glot", not sure who makes it, someone I've been chatting to on DOA had one and it was very sweet :o)