Monday, December 7, 2009

My Ornament from Jacqui

We had an Ornament Swap over at ADO (art dolls only) and I got a lovely surprise from Jacqui of Odddollz... you can just imagine my face when I opened the brightly wrapped box all the way from Canada. I was shrieking with laughter and ran round showing everyone, Rudolph The Rabid Reindeer is definitely going on the tree! I feel really lucky because this is exactly my sense of humour and I all adore his (SHARP!) little teeth. Jacqui has become something of a fang-xpert lately.

Everyone loves Rabid Rudi and we've decided he's going in the box of special ornaments that get carefully unwrapped each year to be handed down the generations... yes, Rudolph will be bringing frothy mouthed cheer and making small children cry for years to come! :o)


Also, you know how I always announce that I'm working on new dolls then disappear under a mountain of design work and never mention them again? Here's some proof of the unfinished dolls on my desk at the moment (and you should see the bag full UNDER the desk!), maybe tomorrow I'll get a chance to work on them...



Ree said...

LOL LOL LOL I love Rabid Rudi! I so have to show him to my boys! What a trip!

I am there with you on the mountain of unfinished dolls lol

Xoxoxxx Ree

Sonia ;) said...

Rabid Rudy is awesome...Congrats

woot woot

Odddollz by Jacqui said...

lol lol I am so glad you like Rabid Rudi!! LOL And it makes me smile knowing he will be in the family with his nasty nashers for years to come scaring little children:)

Have a merry Christmas Yve

Loads of HUGZ

Zan Asha said...

Another great piece from Jacqui~! Yep, I definitely love her stuff! How lucky. Yikes, those ARE real teeth, yes? If not, she's definitely mastered the art of replicating them!

Love the new dolls, can't wait to see more!

TheBlakkDuchess said...

That is, by far, the BEST tree ornament I have ever seen! XD What an awesome addition to any tree. *squee* !!!

Abi said...

OMG - those teeth!! great ornie, you lucky thing!

Yve said...

They really do look and FEEL like real fangs, he's amazing :o)

Georgina said...

I love absolutely funny!!!I haven't done much doll making lately, but doing some glass painting. My sister called me from Phoenix, Arizona where she lives, and told me these glass wine glasses with Day of the Dead paintings on them were selling for $40/piece at the Botanical Gardens gift shop. So now I'm experimenting and having a great time...nice segway till I get back to my dollies.

Love the Rudi man...have a great one.


Yve said...

That's sounds coll, Georgina, will we be seeing the fruits of your glassy labours in the New Year? Have a fab Xmas :o)

BlackCrow said...

Wow he is so cool. Looks like Jacqui's getting good at taxidermy too.
Nothing like a rabid reindeer to cheer one up at Xmas!!
That's nothing that little pile of unfinished dolls on top and under the table. I don't think there is a room in the house that doesn't have a pile of unfinished doll bits in it!
Better go!!

Plain-n-Simple! said...

Love your Rabid reindeer from Jacqui, she has some wonderful and vivid images floatin' in her mind!!!!!! He's a sweety!