Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Blog Award... with snow on!

Ok, I got an award from the lovely Josie Bagley and completely forgot to post it on here... bad girl!, I'm supposed to pick 8 people to pass this onto, but, you know what? It's Christmas and I know each and everyone of you deserves an award to make you feel all squishy and warm inside because you are probably all running around buying presents, baking cakes, wrapping things, decorating things, etc... Thinking of everyone but yourselves. So take a minute, pour yourself a nice big mug of hot Welsh tea from my teapot (it's always on the stove) and bask in the snowy glory of Josie's White Rabbit painting. If you are of a mind, follow the white rabbit over to Josie's Blog, say hi from me and then post this image on your website too. Merry Christmas everybody in case I forget to say it later :o)

The White Rabbit King
Blingee site


Abi said...

What a cutee! you know I was trying to explain what I meant about a frame around text? well , I found it on Josies blog - she has exactly what I was looking for!!!

Sue said...

Love these glitter graphics! Congrats on your award - will have to check out Josie's blog!


Yve said...

Do you mean her header with the top hat, it's really nice isn't it! :o)

The Josie Baggley Company said...

ah jeez thanks girls! I'm gone all shy now!lol
I'm glad you like my 'Alice's White Rabbit' painting & the Blingee crown & snow look good on him..I love those sparkly graphics..they really lend a dash of magic although you could really go over the top! It's difficult to stop as there's so much one can add & alter! Great fun!
Thanks Yve for the link & for your post too!
Some people call me Josie as well as Rainey ...I don't mind WHAT people call me once it's an insult!

Ree said...

What a cute award! Congrats!!!!

Xoxoxxx Ree

Sonia ;) said...

Yve...Thank you darlin...Ya...pulling up my big girl panties and saying ok lets get done...TY


Yve said...

Keep smiling sonia ;o)