Sunday, December 6, 2009

Anyone got an Evangeline Ghastly?

OK, I know I've been pretty mean about poor old enormous-handed Evangeline Ghastly in the past but does anyone out there have one and can let me know her bust/waist/hip dimensions please? I really NEED a Vampire doll in my dolly cabinet and have decided on a white skinned Domuya Flexi Fashion doll as they are so anorexic looking, and Vanessa has such fantastically sucked in cheeks. I can just see her repainted and looking all deathly and vamped out.

I just can't take to Evangeline but love some of her insane wardrobe and wonder if her outfits might fit the vanessa doll? Obviously it won't be for a while yet as I have to save up, but it gives me something to day-dream about... when I'm not day-dreaming about ALL the other things that waft through my echoey brain.

BIG TREAT instore for you tomorrow (errrrr, I mean today, later today after I wake up) so remember to check back on Monday to see what I got in the ADO Ornament Swap - Jacqui from Odddollz really excelled herself!


Alison said...

Oh, I wish I could help. Have you posted to the Prego list? I'm sure someone could help you out there. I know there are two sizes, though--the vinyl dolls are shorter than the resin versions, though the clothing is supposed to fit both. I don't know if their dimensions are the same.

Can't wait to see your vampire. And I've been coveting a Domuya forever. I love Evangeline's wardrobe, too. But just her wardrobe. (Her hands are too big for my taste.)

Yve said...

I know, she's a very peculiar sculpt, I'm suprised at Tonner! She has such a weak jaw too... some of their other sculpts like Sister Dreary are very gothic/ghostly so I just don't understand what was going on with EG. Fab clothes though! :o)