Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fab new book

Wow, I treated myself to a new book from dear old Amazon the other day, it's called "Patterns of Fashion Vol 1:1660-1860" by Janet Arnold. I've heard loads about this book as it seems to be a bible for Costume Designers and people who make period clothing for re-enactments. It is absolutely wonderful and has detailed drawings of the construction of various costumes from the V&A and other amazing collections and has patterns for making up the items too.


When I was making The Frost Fairy, I intended her to have a 1780's (ish!) skirt with big paniers over the hips. I naively thought it would be plain sailing once the paniers were made, but draping the skirt was a nightmare and eventually I just removed the paniers altogether and went for the gathered skirt she ended up in! I am actually going to have a few hours for dollmaking this evening (JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and once I've gotten my head around this book who knows what elaborate costumes will work their way into my Freaky Little Things? :o)



Kaerie Faerie said...

wow thanks for sharing book info, love patterns, I shop ebay for vintage patterns all the time, but this looks like a must have book

Yve said...

It's fab and there are 2 more from different eras. You'll love it Kaerie! Obviously we will have to resize the patterns but they are on grids, so should be straightforward :o)

Abi said...

I think Miss Frost Fairy is my favourite doll of yours - although she's sold isn't she? Looking forward to seeing some fine costuming Yve!

Sonia ;) said...

Yve...she looks awesome...I have such a hard time sewing and then attaching to a her..


Nishant said...

I shop ebay for vintage patterns all the time, but this looks like a must have book.

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MarZel said...

cool find!! I got to check that out! Happy Thanksgiving!