Monday, November 30, 2009

Latest Doll

Here are some pictures of my latest doll. I went away for the weekend to take her to her new owner so hopefully I will be able to show you some pics of her in her new home. I have a few more under construction that are destined for the Etsy shop, so watch this space :o)


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New dolls on the way, eventually!

Just to arrest any thoughts that I rarely make dolls these days (sadly true, life and design work keep taking precedence) here are some pics of my latest effort. She is another Xmas StrAngel, this time a Christmas Tree decoration destined for one of my fellow ADO doll makers as part of the festive Ornament Swap. Sssshhh, not allowed to say who it's for, but she will be wrapped and on her way tomorrow... just hope the recipient likes her! :o)


And, poor Belladonna STILL hasn't made it into the shop, because I decided to make her a "Travel Coffin"... those long fine feathers on her hat need protection so she will be getting an acetate hat tube and loads of bubble wrap before I take her to the Post Office to get some shipping quotes! The coffin is quite sturdy, a couple of paper maché layers over foam board, but, because of the appalling weather we have been having, I haven't been able to give this as many layers of paint and lacquer that I would have liked.... still, surely it's the doll someone will want to buy?


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fab new book

Wow, I treated myself to a new book from dear old Amazon the other day, it's called "Patterns of Fashion Vol 1:1660-1860" by Janet Arnold. I've heard loads about this book as it seems to be a bible for Costume Designers and people who make period clothing for re-enactments. It is absolutely wonderful and has detailed drawings of the construction of various costumes from the V&A and other amazing collections and has patterns for making up the items too.


When I was making The Frost Fairy, I intended her to have a 1780's (ish!) skirt with big paniers over the hips. I naively thought it would be plain sailing once the paniers were made, but draping the skirt was a nightmare and eventually I just removed the paniers altogether and went for the gathered skirt she ended up in! I am actually going to have a few hours for dollmaking this evening (JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and once I've gotten my head around this book who knows what elaborate costumes will work their way into my Freaky Little Things? :o)


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cried buckets

I just watched "the Duchess" with Keira Knightly (well she was in it, not with me eating maltesers!) and cried buckets... kind of annoying as the film sort of skims the surface of a particularly interesting period of time and a character who was right in the thick of it. It's absolutely beautiful though and Keira Knightley and Raeph Fiennes are both excellent, but you will definitely need a box of hankies!


On the subject of the Fiennes brothers, what on earth has happened to Joseph? He was soooo gorgeous in Shakespeare in Love, etc... but seems to have had a total charisma bypass in the tedious "Flashforward"... I'm beginning to despair of that show, I gave up on any plot logic in week 2 and was just hanging in there for the eye-candy... then my fave guy threw himself off a roof and Joseph is a total wet blanket... thank the lord for Jack Davenport! Shallow, moi? :o)

Sooah becomes Isobel

Here she is trying on wigs with her new face... she came out a little more haughty than I was intending! I am really beginning to enjoy doing faces but you never know how they are going to turn out. I think I might have over-emphasised how "real" this face mould is in comparison to the other 2, but I can always re-do in a few months if I can't get used to her :o)


tee hee, look who wants to join in the fun :o)

Monday, November 16, 2009

BJD Elfdoll Sooah :o)

OK, so I have been VERY bad on the BJD front over the last 4 months... well, it has taken me long enough to save up the money! For some reason, even though the doll money was in a separate account and all came from selling off various dolls (mainly Tonner, I don't miss them at all!) and bits that I've collected over the last few years... I still feel a tiny twinge of guilt about the price of these dolls...

What the hell, though, they are soooo beautiful and I love them to bits! I wasn't planning on getting anymore after Lishe (who I showed you a few posts back) and my newly arrived Peakswoods Skiya (will present her next week, she's still a bit shy right now) but saw this Elfdoll Sooah on ebay and went MAD... that's every penny gone and a few more besides, but I love this face mould and you can't buy Sooah direct anymore. Elfdoll may have discontinued her altogether, I can't check because Elfdoll is members only, you can't even view their website!

My Sooah (it means "Extremely Beautiful" in Korean but I have just re-named her as Isobel) was owned from new by a dolly dressmaker, Idollise Creations, who kept her in her box when she wasn't modeling clothes. She is in excellent condition and I was overjoyed when the box came as I was just expecting a nude doll, but she was sent to me with 2 wigs, some stockings, 3 beautiful dresses and a lovely jewelled choker! All are the work of idollise-creations and beautiful quality and really well finished off, check out her website. Sooah/Isobel has now had her make-up stripped and is undergoing a transformation, check back tomorrow to see her new face and hopefully the beginnings of my latest Freaky Little Things doll too :o)




Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

An Angel at My Table

I received a lovely treat through the post the other day that really brightened up my morning... well, not literally, sadly, I've been waiting for the merest hint of sun to take pics of Abi's lovely work, but these didn't come out so well.

We all know Abi Monroe as a Doll Artist extrordinaire and tireless supporter of other people's work through her blog An Angel at my Table but have you taken a look at Abi's fantastic Etsy shop . It's full of gorgeous goodies and I had to have one of her sweet little imbossed clay hearts. I was taken aback at the way she packages the smallest items though, truly beautiful even if the "gift" happens to be for yourself!



Monday, November 9, 2009


I stated in the last post that Boris Johnson, one time MP for Henly, journalist and magazine Editor, now Mayor of London, is the one of the few MPs I have any time for, despite being quite wary of his politics... an American friend has asked who he is, so - here's Bumbling Boris trying his best to keep order on Have I Got News For You...

Friday, November 6, 2009

Bonfire Night

OK, this may make no sense unless you are a Brit... One of the sad side effects here in the UK of the spread of US-style Halloween celebrations (trick or treat, etc) is that Bonfire Night (November 5th) is getting less and less important... well, that and the fact that Health & Safety loonies up and down the country keep trying to put out the bonfire for good. Don't get me started on Conkers!

Being of a nervous disposition and apt to jump out of my skin when I hear a firework let off, I used to spend Bonfire night hiding in the under-stairs cupboard along with terrified pets. The fact that it all scared me didn't stop me from thinking it was a great event, everyone else enjoyed it... and there were Toffee Apples (my favourite fruit - although I've never seen a Toffee Apple Tree!) and hot dogs, etc... to compensate :o)


Over the last few years, I have gradually gotten over my more OTT panics and started to really look forward to the spectacle. It's a great part of our British traditions and celebrates the turbulent and bloody history of our country and I think we would be poorer without it. If you look at the events it celebrates, well, perhaps you could see a point in banning it. In 1605, a plot to blow up Parliament was foiled on the 5th of November - Gunpowder, Treason and Plot. The plotters were Catholics disappointed that the new King James (Son of the Catholic Mary Queen of Scots) was failing to end the persecution of members of their faith in Britain. The man left to light the fuse, Gay Fawkes, suffered terrible torture and now we burn his effigy every year to celebrate.... gruesome... but fun ;o)

Of course, particularly now, there are many of us who would question whether another plot to blow up Parliament would be such a bad thing? I'm not sure Queen Liz could hardly make a worse job of running the country with her Corgis as front-benchers. I doubt anyone would miss the current batch of politicians (well, Boris Johnson, perhaps, but he's off being Mayor of London and rescuing ladies from muggers on his bicycle, so it's doubtful he'd get caught in the blast!), apart from those paid to clean their moats and feed their ducks.

Let's not forget our traditions though, however dodgy the historical basis. I know many catholics who gleefully build their bonfires and stoke up the barbecue and everyone is welcome to come and view the beautiful fireworks... penny for the Guy?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Missing Halloween already, sigh...

Monday, November 2, 2009

Events continue at Nightshade Hall...

It seems the saga of the Midnight Ball isn't over at all, Weirdly Nightshade has just made another entry in the diary... is there no rest for the Wicked?

CRIMINAL injustice

Please, if you are an artist or crafter and naively think that copyrighting your work will protect you from the Big Bad Wolf, go and check out this :

John T Unger is being SUED by the company that ripped off HIS designs!!!! It beggars belief but something similar happened to me a few years back so I know pretty much how he feels right now. In my case it was theft of my original idea whereas with him it's actually his designs for his entire range of products. In his case, he may have to give up his hard fought for business altogether if this company wins in court. Even if we can't help him financially we should all give him our support as it could happen to any one of us.