Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tonight's the night!!!

Well, it's almost time, final preparations are being made at the Hall as the guests begin to arrive... hope to see you there later, we'll have a BALL!


Nighthsade Hall will be open for guests at around 11.30pm (UK time) tonight and the Ball will begin... at Midnight. Many dolls by the fabulously talented members of the ADO (Art Dolls Only) group are already changing into their finery and getting their hair done for the big night. I hope to see you there :o)


Pattee said...

Yve how do I get my doll to show up for your ball? The witches 3 would love to be there~

Yve said...

Unfortunately, the artwork was all finished about 2 days ago. I had a page on the Team Business section in ADO on Ning and everybody volunteered their dolls on there. The artwork takes a long time so had to be done well in advance. Sorry :o(

Hope you and the 3 witches will be there tonight though and you can be sure to get involved in our next event, whatever it turns out to be :o)

Catherine said...

You Did a wonderful job ! I love your website! And I love your dolls and other art as well! You are so talented! Hugs