Friday, October 16, 2009

Over the Top award :o)

Thank you to the lovely Abi of An Angel at my Table for this fabulous award, eeerrr, answer in one word (you gotta be kidding me???)

1) Where is your cell phone? Hhhhmmmmmmm?
2) Your hair? messy
3 )Your mother? eccentric
4) Your father? spanish
5) Your Favorite food? chocolate
6) Your dream last night? gone
7) Your favorite drink? tea
8) Your dream/goal? love
9) What room are you in? studio
10) Your hobby? dolls!!!!
11) Your fear? most things... (oh Bu***r, and I was doing so well!)
12) Where do you want to be in six years? Barcelona
13) Where were you last night? bed
14) Something that you aren't? able to give one word answers
15) Muffins? raspberry
16) Wish list item? slimness
17)Where did you grow up? Wales
18) Last thing you did? scratch
19) What are you wearing? jeans
20) Your Tv? neglected
21) Your pets? furry
22) Friends? mad
23) Your life? hectic
24) Your mood? positive
25) Missing someone? always
26) Vehicle? Ka
27) Something your not wearing? Tiara (damn, now where did I put that thing?)
28) Your favorite store? Tesco... (NOT, but I seem to spend way too much time in there)
29) Your favorite color? chartreuse
30) When was the last time you laughed? 9am
31) Last time you cried? 9.05am
32) Your best friend? Matilda
33) One place that I go over and over? garden
34) One person who Emails you regularly? Kim
35) Favorite place to eat? Dilshad

I nominate:

Kim of Kimberley Pope

Essie of Essie's Dolls

Grace of Little Arty Crafty Crow

Jo of Cart before the Horse


Abi said...

LOL - you are funny - lovin your answers :O)

Pattee said...

Way too fun and funny!

Sue said... your answers (ps I borrowed your tiara, will get it back to you soon)

BlackCrow said...

Congratulations, Yve.
Could I borrow the tiara first Sue?
My answers would be about the same as yours....thank you for the award, I'll post it up on my blog soon:)
back to the sweat shop for me, only 15 more elephants to fill my order, phew!


Yve said...

Good luck with the nellies Grace, hope they behave. Y'all can borrow my tiara anytime :o)