Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dark and Dreary

I managed to finish 2 new dolls for the shop yesterday (I have a wardrobe full of "started" dolls to work on from earlier in the summer) and also gave a very old doll a leg transplant. Her felt boots became a favourite scratching post for a certain Kitty and one day they just exploded sending fibre-fill all over the bedroom chair... so she went to live in the wardrobe until I had time to make her new legs!

The doll that is, not the Kitty!

Yesterday was beautifully sunny but I got finished too late to photograph them... today? Well, it's only half past midday and I have all the lights on and the room is still full of dark shadows. It's pouring with rain and is that far off thunder I hear? Great! Hopefully I can show you the newbies tomorrow :o)


julie Haymaker thompson said...

In the 200 years you have been living I bet you have made a lot of dolls!!!!!TEE HEE how many people notice that on your profile very funnY!!!

Georgina said...

Hahaha...love the comment about the wardrobe, but I'll bet you wanted to put that certain Kitty somewhere. Stay in, have a cup of tea and work on your newbies. Going to do that today...haven't been in the studio in 2 weeks...AM I GROUCHY or what!!! Even my husband begged me to do some work today!!!

Yve said...

You'd be suprised, Julie, just how much chocolate one can consume in such a long time! I'm quite lazy though, so not so many dolls made :o)

Sue said...

hee...just had to go and check out your 'age'.

Yep, once a kitty discovers an affection for something, it can really do damage (spoken by someone also 'owned' by a kitty).

Looking forward to seeing your new pieces!

Yve said...

I have 3... they compete with each other in the affectionate destruction stakes :o)