Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Stripey legged award bliss...

Ooooohhhh, Domestic Witch? Thank you so much to Abi from Angel at my Table for nominating me for this award, and as I pointed out, it's probably the first and last time my name and the word Domestic will ever appear in the same sentence :o) It's the first question I ask a prospective mate: "Can you cook? Because if you can't I will poison us both by accident while trying to make toast." I know my limitations!

Sooooo, who do I nominate, we can have only 3, so here goes, and huge apologies if you have been nominated before:

Nicole of Mealy Monsters (sorry, I actually DO think you may have already been nominated!)

Maya of Static White's Stitchery (cause I know you LOVE this kind of thing, tee hee)

and Ilona at Vilonessa Dolls

Cute stripy socks, eh?


Abi said...

I'm lovin your dog! ooh, that reminds me I need to go delete my music widget thing - just read your reply to my comment! :O) hows the ole bod doing?

Yve said...

still bent like an old crone but no longer so achey, thank you ... hurrah! :o)

Mealy Monster Land said...

thanks Yve for thinking of me for the domestic witch award.
I am domestic and sometimes I act like a witch, lol, so it fits perfect!

Yve said...

I too, have the Witch part down :o)