Saturday, September 5, 2009

Odelia rides again!

Having a bad back and being unable to work has meant I've been lounging around and could spend a bit of time messing with my neglected dollies. Just last week my poor Doll in Mind Odelia was up for sale on Ebay, I mentioned it here. Because she didn't sell I decided to give her a fresh face-up, initially thinking I would re-photograph her and then put her back up for sale. Despite being my only NEW and undamaged BJD, I just couldn't bond with her somehow.

Until I finished the her make-over that is! She originally came without a face-up, mid-brown glass eyes and a strawberry blond wavy wig with a heavy fringe. I was her second owner but she had only just been delivered and never taken out of her box. Even with my original face-up (my first attempt on a BJD! Eeek!!!) the wig and eyes did nothing for her. I changed the eyes to these acrylic "real" eyes and her face lit up, but I guess I was just too cautious with the make-up, didn't add enough depth of colour, because my second attempt has really brought her to life. I couldn't part with her now!

This beautiful outfit is by Arcadia and the only one I have ever bought for my dolls. I want to try and make pretty much everything else, which is why they are all sat here pretty much nude right now, never any time for hobbies!!!



Alison said...

Amazing job on her face up! She looks gorgeous. I couldn't part with her either! ;) Beautiful! (I think I need one, too!)

Georgina said...

She's absolutely gorgeous...wonderful work!

Yve said...

Thank you, she's basking in the limelight after so long as a reject. Funny how things work out... or am I just fickle??? :o)

Abi said...

She looks amazing to me! Is this what you do with these dolls? buy them unfinished, then add character?

Fabby Dolls said...

She is beautiful. I have the same question as Abi - you buy them unfinished and then finish?