Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ha ha ha, do I laugh or SCREAM?

Never even got to the Wedding Reception,  as I fell again (tee hee, seriously, Arthritis is such a blast at times!) and put my back out - so not much getting done at all now. Not a happy bunny right now, gggrrrr  >:o(


Abi said...

Oh no! are you sure you didn't fall to get out of going? are you serious about arthritus? must be terribly painful?

Yve said...

Fraid so, had it since I was a kid but it's only bothered me in the last 18 months since a fall from a ladder (as you do). Most of the time I'm OK though, just need to do loads of exercise and stay supple... but I hate the gym! :o(

Abi said...

ooh, sounds rough. Hope you feel better soon - stay away from the wine eh?

Abi said...

Me again - not sure if you accept awards, but I wanted to pass one on to you anyway - the image is on me blog! :O)

Sue said...

oh dear....sounds painful!!

Great that you can keep your sense of humour though! *smiles*

Thanks for commenting on my blog, as I have now discovered yours...and I love it!

Hope today is a better day for you!