Saturday, September 12, 2009

The end is in sight

Yay, my back is starting to heal and so I'm dabbling with my Alchemy doll right now. Next week my big freelance rush will come to an end and I can start my ADO Halloween Challenge doll and generally get back to Freaky Little Things :o)


Abi said...

Thats good news about your back!:O)
Re your comment on my Etsy page - If I were to take a sketch book into work, I think I'd get the sack - a job in America is so different to England - (or what I was used to anyway!) no annual leave, no sick pay, no contract, they can fire you on the spot, with or without reason. Oh man, the list goes on! it's flippin scarey - the girls were telling me today, that they get 'written up' for the smallest mistakes... looks like I'll last, lets say one week! LOL:O)

Yve said...

So that's no endless tea breaks then and chatting to people... that's usually why I get a part-time job... to chat and drink even more tea!

I feel for you, I really do!