Sunday, September 27, 2009

Come for tea and cakes with me!

I just borrowed this lovely picture from beth retro so we could all sit down and take a minute to have a lovely cup of tea and a cake. While I was putting together my nominees for the blog award it dawned on me just how bad I am at keeping up with everyone's blogs. You all come on here and leave me fun comments and yet I am always in such a rush, even if I do come and check out your blogs I rarely have time to make a comment back.

So the tea and cakes are just to say thanks and hope that you know I do appreciate you all :o)


Thank You :o)

Abi of An Angel at My Table has sent me this lovely award, thanks Abi!
Now I have to tell you 7 things about myself you might not know.... that's taken me all day to think about (Lordy, I must be dull!)

1 - My middle name is Denise
2 - I am half Spanish
3 - I almost got sent to a school for deaf children because I wouldn't speak when I was a child... turned  out I was just stubborn, but I did actually have to have speech therapy from a lovely doctor with a posh english accent... which went down well (NOT) when I went back to my partly Welsh speaking infants school with my new found posh english voice!
4 - two of my ex-boyfriends have webbed toes (neither of whom are Welsh so we can't blame the climate). Just a coincidence, it's not like I have a policy!
5 - Bruce Forsyth once sent me a bunch of flowers to say thanks for a caricature I did of him for a charity event. Nice man!
6 - I used to play the violin (badly)... which made people question my hearing again!

and my 7 nominees?
1 -Kim
2 -Zan
3 -Georgina
4 -Sue
5 -Vania
6 -kaerie
7 -Phil


Saturday, September 26, 2009

The daughters of Lilith

If you'd like to take a closer look (it's worth it) and get an education in Mythology and jewish mysticism at the same time, head over to michaeldemeng . Kind of blew me away and I'm stunned that I'd never really heard the story of Lilith before.... wasn't she Frasier's wife?


Monday, September 21, 2009

Tim Burton Bazaar...

This is what happens when you let Tim Burton loose on a Harper's Bazaar photo-shoot. I love the depressing Northern Hemisphere lighting and general grainy look to the pictures as well as the contents of course. Stolen from hautemacabre


Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Halloween Postcards

Finally I've got something specifically "halloween" in my shop, Hurrah!!! This set of 2 altered art Halloween Postcards is listed today :o)


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Alchemy Woes

I feel really pants right now because I've had to inform my Alchemy customer that I can't complete the doll. The worst part being that it was a Birthday Present for his daughter in early October so now I am picturing this sad little face with no presents. I am pure evil...

I've been working on the doll for the last week, on and off, after drawing up a pattern a while back. The doll is of a gaming character and has a really elaborate (and hard to understand in 3 dimensions) head-piece. The head-piece is almost bigger than the character itself and I just can't make it work, there have been many aborted attempts which just went into the fire! I can't send out something I am not happy with and the whole thing has really put me on a downer, so I have had to tell the customer that I cannot make the character he wants for his daughter.

This was the first (and last) Alchemy request I agreed to because I thought I could do it but how wrong was I? That's the real problem is that when I siged up for Alchemy, I naively thought people would look in my shop and ask me to make dolls something along the lines of what I create. That hasn't been the case, people have an idea in their head and browse Etsy looking for someone who's style they like and who they think might be able to make their ideas a reality. It's a big responsibility, and if things start to go wrong you wind up feeling horrible. I'm too much of a wuss!

Alchemy seems like such a good idea and I'm sure it works out fine for most people. I resisted for a long time for the same reason I don't often do commissions. I work freelance to tight (and often hair-raising!) deadlines and never know when I will be busy or when I will have no work on. I fly by the seat of my pants and sometimes have lots of free time to create art (ha ha, still a mental block on that front!) and dolls... or no time at all like the last few months.

The second, less logical reason, is because I want to 'follow my muse' when I'm not working to a design brief, yes, I know how silly that sounds, but I need to go where my inspiration takes me rather than where someone else's whims dictate. That way if things go belly-up I'm the only one who knows about it... well unless I blab on my blog or remember how to Twitter! Remember the Alice's face melts trauma from a few months back?

Friday, September 18, 2009

A word on Welsh Hats and Witches Hats!

Something has just made me laugh so much that I cried: doing a spot of inspirational cruising on etsy earlier I came across Lindsey Ryan Design and was mightily impressed with her lovely cards, but one, a vintage picture of a "Witch" called Aunty Matilda caught my eye... my blood ran cold... THAT ISN'T A WITCH OUTFIT she's sporting, that's the WELSH NATIONAL DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!*!!!???$£*!!!!
I'd never actually realised before - blinded by national pride, I guess - but the big difference between the Welsh as a nation and Witches (sartorially, at least) is a few extra inches of hat and a point! Well, there's lovely :o)


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kim's shop

Not content with her new blog Kim has now opened a shop on Etsy so you can buy her cute prints, go check it out :o)
Kimberley Pope


Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Ok, this probably isn't the place for this but I was so shocked I have to comment. I was in Chester today, beautiful, tourist filled Chester... I went into the cafe of a large and very well known High Street Retailer (one of those Huge well established names that has been part of the British High Street forever and probably your Grannie's favourite shop -well, if she's from the UK - NOT Marks & Spencer's, but would like to be, 3 initials) and decided to use the toilets. I have been in there before so felt reasonably safe in the knowledge that it would be clean - how wrong can you be?!!

I seriously wonder about people, people who perhaps walked past me in that very shop or were sitting sipping tea at the same time as me. Animals don't S**t where they eat so I can't even refer to these people/person as an animal but there must be something seriously wrong with someone who goes into a public place and defecates all over the floor then smears it along the walls. That was bad enough but there was worse (to my mind at any rate). The thing that annoyed and dismayed me most was the way the staff hardly sprang into action at being informed that their washroom was a public health hazard and that the Health & Safety "police" would have grounds to shut then down if the area wasn't closed off immediately. No, a baffled girl who worked in the cafe just stood there looking blank as other people went into the bathroom to be greeted by the same sight.

Soon there was a small crowd of us all wanting action and yet no-one seemed to have a first clue about how to find a Manager - what the hell happened to being proactive? How many times do you need to be accosted by customers ranting about the hazards of E-Coli and HIV before you decide that you might just close the bathroom off yourself until a Unicorn like "Manager" can be found?

The whole experience made me feel sick and I wasn't the only one. No, I wouldn't be happy about cleaning that up but, like I said, I've done my fair share of shop jobs and you would be surprised at what you get to see... and smell. YUK, what is wrong with people? Also what is wrong WITH ME??!! Complaining in public, is this the tip of the Iceberg, the long slow tilt into old age and Victor Meldrew-ism? I am officially MIDDLE-AGED!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The end is in sight

Yay, my back is starting to heal and so I'm dabbling with my Alchemy doll right now. Next week my big freelance rush will come to an end and I can start my ADO Halloween Challenge doll and generally get back to Freaky Little Things :o)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

return of the blogger gremlins

They're back! Suddenly Blogger announces to me that I am not following ANY blogs!!! Eh, what about all those blogs you show me snippets of each morning when I log in? Maybe Blogger is just having a senior moment? :o*

Monday, September 7, 2009

Kim's a blogging :o)

My talented friend Kim has finally started her own blog (take your time there, love!) and promises to let us in on her secrets! I will be following with interest and think that if she'd just started it a week earlier she could have been one of my Domestic Witch nominees... she makes, things, she makes all kind of things and if she manages to restrict her blog just to illustrating I'll be very... well, disappointed! :o)
Kimberley Pope


OK, so I still haven't figured out how to tell Ilona at Vilonessa Dolls that I nominated her as a Domestic Goddess! Does anyone speak Russian/Polish (I'm not sure ?) and can figure out how to leave a comment on her blog for me? :o)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Odelia's outfit

Couldn't resist another pic. This is the Arcadia Circus outfit that I bought for Arianne (SoulDoll Linn) as she was going to be my one remaining MSD when Odelia sold. Complete turnaround and now poor Arianne is going up for adoption and Odelia has stolen her entire ensemble down to the auburn wig!

I swore that I'd never buy clothes for my dolls but I found making for Blythe and MSDs just too fiddly, I haven't got the patience when it comes to my own "hobby" dolls, but I will slave for hours over anything for Freaky Little Things. How mad is that?


Odelia rides again!

Having a bad back and being unable to work has meant I've been lounging around and could spend a bit of time messing with my neglected dollies. Just last week my poor Doll in Mind Odelia was up for sale on Ebay, I mentioned it here. Because she didn't sell I decided to give her a fresh face-up, initially thinking I would re-photograph her and then put her back up for sale. Despite being my only NEW and undamaged BJD, I just couldn't bond with her somehow.

Until I finished the her make-over that is! She originally came without a face-up, mid-brown glass eyes and a strawberry blond wavy wig with a heavy fringe. I was her second owner but she had only just been delivered and never taken out of her box. Even with my original face-up (my first attempt on a BJD! Eeek!!!) the wig and eyes did nothing for her. I changed the eyes to these acrylic "real" eyes and her face lit up, but I guess I was just too cautious with the make-up, didn't add enough depth of colour, because my second attempt has really brought her to life. I couldn't part with her now!

This beautiful outfit is by Arcadia and the only one I have ever bought for my dolls. I want to try and make pretty much everything else, which is why they are all sat here pretty much nude right now, never any time for hobbies!!!


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Eddie covered in bees

Feeling really down today, just about everything is going wrong in my work and there are loads of frustrating delays, plus, of course my back is killing me sitting at the Mac all day! Moan whine!!! Decided I need a bit of Eddie Izzard therapy, and my favourite bit has always been... covered in BEES! :o)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Stripey legged award bliss...

Ooooohhhh, Domestic Witch? Thank you so much to Abi from Angel at my Table for nominating me for this award, and as I pointed out, it's probably the first and last time my name and the word Domestic will ever appear in the same sentence :o) It's the first question I ask a prospective mate: "Can you cook? Because if you can't I will poison us both by accident while trying to make toast." I know my limitations!

Sooooo, who do I nominate, we can have only 3, so here goes, and huge apologies if you have been nominated before:

Nicole of Mealy Monsters (sorry, I actually DO think you may have already been nominated!)

Maya of Static White's Stitchery (cause I know you LOVE this kind of thing, tee hee)

and Ilona at Vilonessa Dolls

Cute stripy socks, eh?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ha ha ha, do I laugh or SCREAM?

Never even got to the Wedding Reception,  as I fell again (tee hee, seriously, Arthritis is such a blast at times!) and put my back out - so not much getting done at all now. Not a happy bunny right now, gggrrrr  >:o(