Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Dolldrums

Just trundling through the stunning BJD and assorted doll collection of Esthy et Lulla on Flickr, marveling at both her beautiful Face-ups and lovely nostalgic photography ( when I came across this creation by French Doll Artist Julien Martinez. It's simply wonderful, so I followed the link over to his website and wasn't disappointed! He is such a formidable talent, the pics below are just the mouldering tip of a rather macabre iceberg.

So, if you are also suffering the Sunday dolldrums go check out both Esthy's beautiful doll collection and Monsieur Martinez' amazingly creepy creatures:


Abi said...

They are great! love all the detail. Have you decided on a doll for the halloween challenge ghost, gouls or pumpkin?, mmm, guess there's loads more choice than that eh!

Yve said...

Yep, sketched mine out but she is going to be sort of sculptural so I need to ruminate for a bit longer before I start! :o)