Friday, August 21, 2009

Poor Odelia

If you like BJDs, take a look at poor little Odelia over on EBAY right now. She is my lovely Doll In Mind MSD and I decided to let her go to a new home as she spends most of her time in her box, bless her. I just don't know why we don't connect as she is the newest and most perfect of my dolls. She hasn't a mark on her but somehow I just love the waifs and strays more. Maybe we bonded over the hours spent sanding and re-stringing, repairing, repainting those unloved BJDs who life, or careless previous owners, had kicked around?


Abi said...

She's a beautiful doll - when I'm rich (cough cough)I want lots of these dolls! good luck with the sale! Ebay pees me off too.

Yve said...

Not that many people like them in the UK so you do see really good deals every now and then. Just not my Odelia! Tee hee!!! :o) I tend to buy battered ones or bits and repair them.