Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ghastly Evangeline?

I'm still tied to my computer and on the clock so can't do any doll work (poo), so just snatch a few minutes here and there waiting for new instructions from my design client. Luckily I enjoy my day job too!

Dolls are never far from my thoughts though and I'm currently wondering why I DON"T love Evangeline Ghastly? I mean, after my initial reservations (voiced on this blog!) I did fall for Ellowyne Wilde (although her wardrobe seems to be getting more and more eccentric... and not in a good way) and owned 3 at one point! All gone now, only have one Tonner left and she's up for adoption on Ebay even as we speak! Just too fake, too plastic, too Barbie - for me since discovering the cash vortex of Asian BJDs!

On paper Evangeline is The Doll For Me, her "Cemetary Chic" wardrobe is fantastically insane (if slightly predictable and HOLLYWOOD, I prefer the Val Zeitler take on gothic, it's more fanciful and inventive). But her face is what I have problems with, she looks great from some angles but head on you can see straight up her nostrils, Were-Pig is never a good look! Her hands are HUGE too (post operative transexual anyone, I thought Sybarite had that covered? Actually, thinking about that now I'm seeing her in a new light and maybe softening toward her, that would make a better back story too). Back to my gripes: She has a weak jaw and her face looks, too... tooooo.... old!

She looks like someone in their forties going to a Halloween ball dressed as a vampire... believe me I know, we have mirrors in this house and I do actually cast a reflection! The oddest thing about the back story is that she is supposed to come from IPSWICH... she's an Essex girl, that explains a lot! (Tee hee, sorry anyone who hails from Essesx, can't help it, do love those stereotypes, besides I'M WELSH, take your best shot. C'mon, have a go if you think you are common enough!).

Did the guys (I presume she was designed by men for some reason!??) at Wilde Imagination/Tonner just drop a pin on a map of England and go, yeah, we found our spooky old town! Short of Milton Keynes and Harlow Newtown you'd be hard pressed to find anywhere in Britain that doesn't date back to the Doomsday book! I've been to Ipswich many times and there is nothing wrong with it but, well, it isn't particularly spooky. There are plenty of towns up and down England with spookier reps and creepier architecture. Oh, and Skunks, we don't have them here, except for maybe the odd pampered imported pet that's escaped and got lost in the woods... I imagine the massed chav badgers of Essex would make short work of Mouette!

Oh lordy, back to work, feel free to put me right on Evangeline's ghastly appeal... or take issue with my essex bashing :o) Or, if you are feeling particularly spoil sporty, you could point out that Ipswich Ma, was at the centre of the Salem Witch Trails, that would be no fun though...

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evied said...

I know what you mean, that is what I thought at first too . I own one Evangeline and I love her to bits!! :)