Monday, August 10, 2009

Doll Making Inspiration

I have had a lot of work on for the last few weeks (still slaving away, just taking a quick break) so know I can afford to eat for the next few months and decided to treat myself. I bought 2 mermaid doll patterns and a book. Apart from a book by Patti Medaris Cullea that I bought last year, I have never even opened a doll making book, not that there is very much available on the subject in the UK.

I have bought patterns before too and they have remained sealed in their packs and then been sold on ebay. Why? I guess I just like to find my own way, that and I never have time to make anything from patterns! The two mermaids that I've bought are Scylla and Charybdis by Barbara Schoenoff, I've even opened the pack and taken a quick look. The pictures are beautiful and I love the curly whirly tails, this time I truly hope I get a chance to try these patterns out... I'm sure I will learn something!

The book though, is Cloth Doll Artistry by Barbara Willis and is stunning. The advice and steps to make things are pretty much common sense but the photos just make you think "I must try harder". I think I'm getting in a kind of costuming rut with my dolls and need this technicolour kick in the pants! My favourite dolls in the book are Tulla by Val Zeitler (but, of course!), Emmaline by Judy Brown and Gigi by Joan Stephens, but they are all lovely and inspirational. They blow me away! Want to see what I'm on about? I'm not going to post pictures of them because I think I'll be doing you all a favour by encouraging you all to buy the book, if you haven't already :o)

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Yuuzuki said...

Heya ^__^

I'm Mitsuki_Moon from DOA

I saw on your Ebay that u r in Holywell.
I didn't know there was anyone near me that also likes BJD!

I live in Prestatyn.
Well, at least until I go back to university I do XD

Nice to meet u <3