Friday, August 28, 2009

New work SOON, promise!

I so envy Etsy sellers who constantly get to put new work in their shop! Although I love my day job (more often a night job to be honest!) and wouldn't swap it for the world I sometimes yearn (briefly, I'm not really a "routine" kind gal) for a 9 to 5 with weekends and holidays. Instead I work whenever and as often as possible because as a freelancer you never know when a dry spell could strike.

That means that Freaky Little Things often has to take a back seat for a few weeks or even months depending on my work load. Sometimes I find it really hard to get back into hastily abandoned projects and I currently have a wardrobe full of half-made doll projects and wonder if I will ever return to finish them. I a, still facing a total block with drawing and painting but have dug out some older half finished paintings that just need reworking before they get scanned into the Mac for a photoshop make-over. That's the plan anyway.

Harrumph!!!!!!! Just finished another day of design work and feel too pooped to start anything now, plus it's Friday night, shouldn't I have a social life or something? I'm going to a wedding reception tomorrow night so must practice talking and walking... oh, and find something to wear... cue anxiety <:o br="br">
How do the rest of you cope with that stop-start approach to projects or are you usually lucky enough to work something through to the finish without interruptions, I'm curious to know?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

No more Music :o(

A while back I was having trouble with this blog taking ages to load so I took off various gadgets and my homemade template. One of the gadgets that took early retirement was the Playlist jukebox, today I was slogging my way through some freelance work when I realised that I wasn't listening to music and haven't really since I got rid of the playlist. I loved the Jukebox feature,  so on goes iTunes and I decided to re-install the Playlist.

SHOCK HORROR - Playlist is facing a massive lawsuit and is pretty much no more in the UK- I didn't even know! What has really annoyed me is that I would never have used Playlist at all in the first place if they hadn't made it sound like they were legally allowed to host and distribute the music they had on offer. I don't like people stealing my art and don't want to take part in stealing the royalties from musicians either. Call me naive but I thought Playlist was all above board and now I am really annoyed that I was duped into putting it on my blog...


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

art dolls, pink and toasty

Just taking a stroll through my old Etsy "faves" and have to say I'm really inspired by Pinky Toast's take on Art Dolls, aren't they sweet!!!?? :o)
Pinky Toast

Win a Doll!!!

I've been admiring the prolific and whimsical output of Cart Before The Horse for some time now on Ebay and didn't even realise they had a blog, so I was doubly chuffed this morning to find out that (A) they do indeed have a great blog to follow and (B) they are doing a fab giveaway of this lovely doll and some patterns. Go take a peek :o)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Kim soon to be in print too!

Speaking of Kim, a while back I featured some of her lovely little illustrated characters, she was thinking of maybe getting an etsy shop. Things have come a long way since then and she is now signed up with one of the UK's leading Illustration Agencies and about to Illustrate her first children's book!

If you know anyone who needs children's book illustrator, Kim's your girl :o) Go to

Steampunk Monkeys!!!

Thanks to Kim for this (again!), it's great to start your week with Steampunk Monkeys. This is the work of Chet Philips, check out more at :

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Laura Plansker

My friend Kim directed me to Laura Plansker just the other night and now whenever I have a spare few minutes I go and explore her wonderful website at:

There are so many wonderful and outright funny images, I don't know how I've never come across her work before :o)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Doll Making Inspiration

I have had a lot of work on for the last few weeks (still slaving away, just taking a quick break) so know I can afford to eat for the next few months and decided to treat myself. I bought 2 mermaid doll patterns and a book. Apart from a book by Patti Medaris Cullea that I bought last year, I have never even opened a doll making book, not that there is very much available on the subject in the UK.

I have bought patterns before too and they have remained sealed in their packs and then been sold on ebay. Why? I guess I just like to find my own way, that and I never have time to make anything from patterns! The two mermaids that I've bought are Scylla and Charybdis by Barbara Schoenoff, I've even opened the pack and taken a quick look. The pictures are beautiful and I love the curly whirly tails, this time I truly hope I get a chance to try these patterns out... I'm sure I will learn something!

The book though, is Cloth Doll Artistry by Barbara Willis and is stunning. The advice and steps to make things are pretty much common sense but the photos just make you think "I must try harder". I think I'm getting in a kind of costuming rut with my dolls and need this technicolour kick in the pants! My favourite dolls in the book are Tulla by Val Zeitler (but, of course!), Emmaline by Judy Brown and Gigi by Joan Stephens, but they are all lovely and inspirational. They blow me away! Want to see what I'm on about? I'm not going to post pictures of them because I think I'll be doing you all a favour by encouraging you all to buy the book, if you haven't already :o)

Fantastic feline treasury

A Monday meow to you all... listening to the dulcet tones of my moggy, Matilda, squealing away for me to let her back in for her breakfast. Pretty similar squealing at 4.15am to get me to let her out... ooooohhh for a cat-flap!
Honoured to have an item in Creeplings Kitty cat-centric treasury, go take a look if you are a cat lover or just like cool things:

Friday, August 7, 2009

Static White's still batty!

Hey there it's sale time at the fantastic Static White's Stitchery:
Go check out the lovely Maya's shop, chock full of cuteness and darkness in equal measure - how can you resist with items like little Stu the bat here :o)

In a treasury :o)

One of my mermaid ACEOs has made it into a lovely mermaidy treasury by Isle of Tess, go take a peek:

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New dolls on the way!

No pics yet but I just thought I'd mention that there are a few new Freaky Little Things coming to life on my work desk. I have a bit of freelance design on the go too, so hopefully I can show you the dolls at the end of the week, see how it goes for time :o)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Found her!??

I think I've found her, and my, what big ears she has, who knew! Also, maybe I-Ra is a pretty name in Korean but just makes me think of a very old Mancunian friend of my granddad called Ira, who wore a flat cap and smoked Capstan Full-Strength like a chimney... but a rose by any other name. She's beautiful.

Incidentally, I found this great site dedicated to all the BJD head sculpts out there, just spent an hour trawling through. The Soul Doll section is pretty out of date but a fantastic reference never the less.

apologies to Nikita2471 and Kaleido-starr, I borrowed your pictures :o)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Does anyone know???

I adore this doll's face sculpt... I have a picture of this same doll dressed up in a Gainsborough style outfit a big straw hat and a long white wig. She's beautiful, but I don't remember where the pic came from and the lady whose flickr account I borrowed this from hasn't tagged the dolls in the pic. Enquiring minds need to know!

(Yes, I have continued haunting the BJD pics on Flickr... note to self: MUST GET A LIFE!!!)

Sunday Dolldrums

Just trundling through the stunning BJD and assorted doll collection of Esthy et Lulla on Flickr, marveling at both her beautiful Face-ups and lovely nostalgic photography ( when I came across this creation by French Doll Artist Julien Martinez. It's simply wonderful, so I followed the link over to his website and wasn't disappointed! He is such a formidable talent, the pics below are just the mouldering tip of a rather macabre iceberg.

So, if you are also suffering the Sunday dolldrums go check out both Esthy's beautiful doll collection and Monsieur Martinez' amazingly creepy creatures: