Sunday, July 26, 2009

Val Zeitler & Vampire dolls

The uber-talented Val Zeitler has collaborated on another "eerie" collection of BJD attire over at Haute Doll Magazine, called Bitten. It went on sale last week, so I imagine it's all sold out by now, Val's work sells out so fast, but well worth a look just for the stunning pictures. It's all online in their shop. The doll is a Peaks Wood again, this time the sculpt is Goldie and has a lovely moody faceup and cute little fang marks in her neck (...should I get out the epoxy and try that on one of my girls?). It was Val's last collection for HD that lead me to buy my first ever Asian Ball Jointed Doll, my beloved Peaks Woods Skiya.

For my tastes, Bitten is a bit along too similar lines to the last Sweeny Todd inspired Halloween collection. That was such a big leap from the Young Marie look from the year before that I was blown away by Val's inventiveness. I guess Val is a goth girl at heart though, and this year's collection has such great sombre styling and lovely Victorian influenced clothing. I just was expecting my socks to blow off but they remained warming my tootsies...much, much loveliness but not so gasp inducing... probably just as well because I don't have the cash anyway!

On the neck chomper theme, check back tomorrow for my newest Freaky Little Thing, a Vampire with a little Bat companion


Abi said...

I'm not really into the ole vampirey thing, but I love this doll! the outfit is wicked! thanks for sharing. Shall go find the website!

Yve said...

Wow, how could you not be into vampires... I actually thought I could grow up to be one when I was little... imagine my disappointment :o(

Pattee said...