Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tattered Rags Movie Trivia GIVEAWAY!!!!

If, like me, you are a massive fan of Jodie Cain's amazing Tattered Rags art dolls, then, like me, you'll be pretty excited by the fact that she's actually going to be giving one away FREE to a lucky horror film buff... and it could be YOU!!!

Go to her blog:

Read the rules and then enter the Horror Film trivia quiz. I'm saying the winner "could be you" because I've read the questions and it sure as S**t ain't going to be me, sadly. I got maybe 10 straight off and I'm fairly certain I'm right; then there's about 5 I will probably get to if I think about it... but the rest... no hope :o(

Why did it have to be ZOMBIES??? Because the doll is a(dorable) Zombie girl, of course. Shaun of the Dead is the only Zombie film I've managed to make it all the way through without falling asleep. That's mainly down to my long-time Simon Pegg fetish and the fact that's it's brilliant by anyone's standard's (as Simon Cowell is so fond of saying about everything and anything). But Zombie's just don't do it for me, too messy - and not in a good way!

Maybe I could find a zombie-flick loving ringer to enter for me, then I'm still in with a chance to get the doll? Why are you still reading this? Go and enter...

Oh Lordy - just suffered some serious Blogus Interruptus right then as a monster spider ran up the desk side - shrieking and involuntary leaping ensued. Sorry any buddhists reading but I've just mashed it to a pulp with a disgaurded boot (frankly, that's why there are so many disguarded boots, shoes, flip-flops lying around the place, never know when you are going to need a weapon). Aaaaaannnnd breathe... arachnaphobic AND bored by Zombie's, sometimes I doubt my Dark-Side credentials would stand any serious probing. That's why when I still had my own place evreything was white, there were no dark shadows and my bed was on stilts. I'm sort of Dark-Side Light.


Flight Fancy said...

Off to check this out..I'm not a huge zombie person either...but I have seen a few(movies..not actual zombies). I just had to comment though...I love your blog and your dolls are awesome! I'm following now :)

Yve said...

Thank you, Hurrah, and welcome aboard! I've seen a fair few zombies in my time too, our high Street on a Saturday night after closing time - it's just the movies I'm not sure about :o)