Sunday, July 26, 2009

Matilda back on line

First post of the day, naughty Abi Monroe has discovered my even naughtier cat, Matilda's blog! I have to confess that after I found it a few months back I've been using it to try out all these confounded blog backgrounds and headers I've been creating, because I thought it was abandoned.

My fluffy co-habitee started this blog sometime last summer, it seems, then, as cat's are won't to do, she forgot all about it. Just like all those neglected nip-filled mice and tinkle-bell fish shapes that lie in dark corners gathering dust. I've prodded her into action so if you'd like to watch a heavily edited Bagpuss episode, with some profane captions, hop on over to The Mewsings of Matilda (in the "where to find my work coloumn"). Apologies for the swear words but I have very little editorial control over that cat.

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