Sunday, July 12, 2009

I'm Back!

I'm back from my impromptu holiday and the shop is open again with 2 new items and a new look... there will be more new things appearing over the next few weeks as some projects I've been working on in the background are nearing completion. First though, we have Lady Agatha the "Boudoir" Stump Doll and a new Vampire ACEO. Lady Agatha was really fun to make (that's a removable corset she's wearing, well, if I hadn't attached it with a few stitches here and there). I had a mad phase of doing these Marie Antoinette style wigs a few years ago but then got bored with them, but somehow I think they are going to have a renaissance (sorry for mixing my eras) over the next few months!

Check out the ACEO in the shop, the black bar isn't there but I don't think she looks offensive... maybe it's all those years doing Life Classes at Art College but nudity never seems shocking to me, beside she has filigree flowers instead of nipples, so quite tasteful, surely? I guess I'm censoring myself! I even decided to leave out the gorier aspects of Lady Agatha's story... when I was needle sculpting the face she took on a different character to what I was originally intending, looking much older, but I liked her that way. The body was already made and "younger"... so I came up with this story where she is this fading beauty who is falling out of favour at Court, she hears of Countess Bathory's beauty treatment and decides to bathe in the blood of young virgin's too. But no matter how hard she tries, she just can't bring herself to wash her face in blood! So that is why Lady Agatha has retained her youthful figure while her face still shows her real age.

I've decided to leave it out though, because sales are hard enough to come by these days and I don't want to put anyone off! As many of my fellow Dark Siders have been finding out, there is quite a vocal puritanical element on Etsy. Sad but true.


Abi said...

I love the corset! fabulous - she looks great!

Yve said...

Thank you! :o)