Friday, July 24, 2009


Been having some problems with my blog, it's been stalling and taking ages to load since I added that lovely gothy skull/roses template that I did. I guess I made a mistake somewhere, so I've added a background by Itkupilli and frankly it's a lot less cluttered in here! I also canned the Jukebox for a while, but it will be back as soon as I get round to it (never fear, or, if you hate my choice in music, enjoy the brief respite!!!).

I love Itkupilli's backgrounds and headers and right now on her blog she has this really simple effective explanation of how to add your blog URL to a comment you leave on someone's blog. I tried it out and it works, Simples!

Simples... I keep saying that, in case you haven't seen the Ad, here it is...


Diane said...

hehehe that's cute! i'm going to have that stuck in my head now too!!

sorry to hear of all your troubles. i have them too from time to time and it's so frustrating!!!

Yve said...

the trails and tribulations of blogging :o)