Friday, July 31, 2009

Sssssshhhh, who ya gonna call?

OK, so I've basically just stolen this from Haute Macabre but how spooky beautiful are these pics? Looks like the old librarian from Ghostbusters got one of those 10 years (decades?) younger makeovers. From a 2006 Vogue Italia shoot by Miles Aldrige.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Blog poltergeists again!

OMG, this is so SPOOKY, it's happening again! I went to read a comment and when I flicked back to the blog it was back in time to the post about Byron/Jon Finch and it was the old graphics... it made a sort of ppphhhutz noise like when people do magic in old movies... I know I'm making this sound funny but it's seriously beginning to freak me out... Proper!

Please tell me I'm not the only one this happens to? I have been watching reruns of Most Haunted and know that there must be a credible scientific explanation for all this bloggy weirdness... do I have a Haunted Blog... or one that's sited on a vortex to a papralell dimension????

Come to think of it... COOL!!!! :o)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Lilith the Vampire Doll

I've been concentrating on more complicated jointed dolls mainly this year so it's been a real joy to get back to basics with my traditional Freaky Little Things rag dollies for a bit. I missed their odd impassive faces!

Here is Lilith, she has a poly-bead filled ball skirt and cute little distressed metallic wings. She can hold your jewellery or a photo or keepsake for you or just cuddle her fleecy bat, Norman. In the shop later today :o)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Val Zeitler & Vampire dolls

The uber-talented Val Zeitler has collaborated on another "eerie" collection of BJD attire over at Haute Doll Magazine, called Bitten. It went on sale last week, so I imagine it's all sold out by now, Val's work sells out so fast, but well worth a look just for the stunning pictures. It's all online in their shop. The doll is a Peaks Wood again, this time the sculpt is Goldie and has a lovely moody faceup and cute little fang marks in her neck (...should I get out the epoxy and try that on one of my girls?). It was Val's last collection for HD that lead me to buy my first ever Asian Ball Jointed Doll, my beloved Peaks Woods Skiya.

For my tastes, Bitten is a bit along too similar lines to the last Sweeny Todd inspired Halloween collection. That was such a big leap from the Young Marie look from the year before that I was blown away by Val's inventiveness. I guess Val is a goth girl at heart though, and this year's collection has such great sombre styling and lovely Victorian influenced clothing. I just was expecting my socks to blow off but they remained warming my tootsies...much, much loveliness but not so gasp inducing... probably just as well because I don't have the cash anyway!

On the neck chomper theme, check back tomorrow for my newest Freaky Little Thing, a Vampire with a little Bat companion

Matilda back on line

First post of the day, naughty Abi Monroe has discovered my even naughtier cat, Matilda's blog! I have to confess that after I found it a few months back I've been using it to try out all these confounded blog backgrounds and headers I've been creating, because I thought it was abandoned.

My fluffy co-habitee started this blog sometime last summer, it seems, then, as cat's are won't to do, she forgot all about it. Just like all those neglected nip-filled mice and tinkle-bell fish shapes that lie in dark corners gathering dust. I've prodded her into action so if you'd like to watch a heavily edited Bagpuss episode, with some profane captions, hop on over to The Mewsings of Matilda (in the "where to find my work coloumn"). Apologies for the swear words but I have very little editorial control over that cat.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


OK, I'm leaving it like this now, I promise. Everything works on white doesn't it... which probably explains why Art Galleries are usually white walled, well the modern ones any way!

Friday, July 24, 2009


Been having some problems with my blog, it's been stalling and taking ages to load since I added that lovely gothy skull/roses template that I did. I guess I made a mistake somewhere, so I've added a background by Itkupilli and frankly it's a lot less cluttered in here! I also canned the Jukebox for a while, but it will be back as soon as I get round to it (never fear, or, if you hate my choice in music, enjoy the brief respite!!!).

I love Itkupilli's backgrounds and headers and right now on her blog she has this really simple effective explanation of how to add your blog URL to a comment you leave on someone's blog. I tried it out and it works, Simples!

Simples... I keep saying that, in case you haven't seen the Ad, here it is...

anyone else have problems with "follow"?

Am I the only one who has the odd problem with the Follow This Blog feature? Sometimes I find a great new blog and press the follow button, my icon appears and it sends a few updates to me, then later I realise I haven't seen anything from that blog for a while and it isn't in the list any longer?

So I hunt down that blog again, and there it is. Hasn't changed it's name, hasn't gone anywhere, so why was it removed from my follow list? It's happened a few times now and I don't get it. Wierdly it only seems to happen with blogger blogs. If I add something from typepad or outside blogger they seem to stay put.

Has anyone else experienced this? If not maybe one of the cat's sneaking over here while I'm out and deleting things "this will mess with her head, tee hee". You know what cat's are like!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tattered Rags Movie Trivia GIVEAWAY!!!!

If, like me, you are a massive fan of Jodie Cain's amazing Tattered Rags art dolls, then, like me, you'll be pretty excited by the fact that she's actually going to be giving one away FREE to a lucky horror film buff... and it could be YOU!!!

Go to her blog:

Read the rules and then enter the Horror Film trivia quiz. I'm saying the winner "could be you" because I've read the questions and it sure as S**t ain't going to be me, sadly. I got maybe 10 straight off and I'm fairly certain I'm right; then there's about 5 I will probably get to if I think about it... but the rest... no hope :o(

Why did it have to be ZOMBIES??? Because the doll is a(dorable) Zombie girl, of course. Shaun of the Dead is the only Zombie film I've managed to make it all the way through without falling asleep. That's mainly down to my long-time Simon Pegg fetish and the fact that's it's brilliant by anyone's standard's (as Simon Cowell is so fond of saying about everything and anything). But Zombie's just don't do it for me, too messy - and not in a good way!

Maybe I could find a zombie-flick loving ringer to enter for me, then I'm still in with a chance to get the doll? Why are you still reading this? Go and enter...

Oh Lordy - just suffered some serious Blogus Interruptus right then as a monster spider ran up the desk side - shrieking and involuntary leaping ensued. Sorry any buddhists reading but I've just mashed it to a pulp with a disgaurded boot (frankly, that's why there are so many disguarded boots, shoes, flip-flops lying around the place, never know when you are going to need a weapon). Aaaaaannnnd breathe... arachnaphobic AND bored by Zombie's, sometimes I doubt my Dark-Side credentials would stand any serious probing. That's why when I still had my own place evreything was white, there were no dark shadows and my bed was on stilts. I'm sort of Dark-Side Light.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Paper mermaids

I thought you might like some more mermaids? I found these lovely paper dolls by Mirakadoll on Flickr and wanted to share them. Go to her page on Flickr and see the rest of her creations and say hello:

oooohhh, look at the pretties!

I've stolen this pic from the ADO Blog, just a random selection of a FEW of the participating entries to the 4 Elements Challenge. The list of participating blogs is still up there so it's not too late to do the rounds and look at the simply gorgeous, astounding and inspired creations from members and non-members alike. It will brighten up the mid-week dolldrums, I promise :o)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Arcadia Circus Collection ready

I've mentioned them before when I first stumbled across their website but thought it was worth mentioning that Arcadia's latest collection based on Victorian circus performers and illusionists is now ready. Arcadia are 2 Spanish sisters, Licanen, who designs and creates the BJD fashions, and Cassandra, who does photography, styling and web design. Their collaboration produces great beauty - even if you don't love BJD's, go and look at this site just for the styling and graphic design, let alone the clothing. Even the typography is gorgeous!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Lauren & Nicole

I showed you my "mature beauties" stump dolls a while back, they are finally finished and will be in the shop tomorrow :o)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Here's my Lord Byron...

Weird how your mind plays tricks... I was just talking to my Mum about a film I saw as a kid (I was around 11 or 12 years old) that starred this incredibly handsome guy as Lord George Byron, and set off my feverish pursuit of the Romantic Poets. Tall dark and handsome in a frilly shirt... he made a huge impression on my young mind!!! We couldn't remember the name of the film (I later checked the actor's profile on on IMDB: Lady Caroline Lamb as it turns out, not a great film by all accounts) but did recall the actor's name: Jon Finch. There isn't much about him on the internet, but I thought I'd share this photo of him looking suitably dashing in a different frilly shirt (not from the same film, so most probably not the same shirt), the guy was made for them!

He's definitely the heart stoppingly handsome one in the foreground by the way. The cat in the hat (Graham Crowden?) is probably a very nice man but not my cup of tea, and I doubt he's anyone's idea of a Romantic Poet/Love God, bless him?

The odd part is that Jon Finch didn't even play Lord Byron, that part went to Richard Chamberlain, who didn't even register a blip on my budding teenage hormones! Mr Finch, though, wow...

Apparently I'm Marianne Dashwood...huh?

I finally had a chance to check out all the 4 Elements participants blog (well, I'm almost at the end of the list, just a few to go) and have tried to leave a comment on every one. I am truly stunned by the wealth of inspiration and talent involved and am now following blogs in many languages! Seriously, if you haven't done so yet, get a cup of tea or a glass of wine and go do the rounds, it's worth it :o)

Along the way I have also discovered which Jane Austen heroine I am most like, as you do (Thanks Abi). Marianne Dashwood apparently... "You are Marianne Dashwood of Sense & Sensibility! You are impulsive, romantic, impatient, and perhaps a bit too brutally honest (OK, I have been told that more than once!). You enjoy romantic poetry and novels, and play the pianoforte beautifully. To boot, your singing voice is captivating. You feel deeply, and love passionately."

Too true, especially about my singing voice, I am after all descended from the formidable Victorian operatic soprano, Sarah Edith Wynne, the Nightingale of Wales, as she was known. My vocal renderings are so powerfully infectious that dogs for miles around often begin to howl in chorus. Birds fly up from the trees as if to say 'we cannot compete'... or perhaps they are just trying to get away from the racket? Not sure.... I definitely love the idea of the Romantic Poets, more than their poetry in fact, that's Byron in a big white frilly shirt looking all brooding and windswept, right?

Sarah Edith Wynne (Eos Cymru)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

More of the Bollywood Mermaid

Here are some more shots of her. I used synthetic hair exstentions intended for human hairdressing, which are really shiny and have an auburn flash at the ends. Makes a nice change from using crazy knitting yarns. Here's a better shot of the henna tattoos. One thing I forgot to mention is the fact that her tail is in seperate sections under the lycra "skirt", so she can "swim" quite realistically and be posed with her tail straight or sat with it bent at the "knees" like in these pics.

I also wanted to mention that if you are anywhere near North Wales tomorrow, I will be at the Craft Weekend at Abakhan's in Llanerch-y-mor. I am going to do 5 "Introduction to Art Dolls" workshops over the Autumn Winter season there and it would be great to see you! :o)

ADO 4 Elements BLOG EVENT - Bollywood Mermaid!!!

Here is Ramani - The Bollywood Mermaid. I've had a lot of fun making her. The lovely embroidered flowers on her tail (front & back) are from an antique sari that I bought at a street market about 10 years ago. I made a bag from it and occasionally use little motifs from it on other crafty projects, it's the most vivid colours. I am a total sucker for Sari fabrics, I used to live in Cricklewood in North London years back and was always haunting the Sari emporiums, looking for odds and bits.

I've given her mehndi tatoos on her arms (not in the least bit authentic, she's a mermaid after all and would surely just try it because it looks good, same with the bindi on her forehead, although I think these days girls wear them for decoration even if they aren't married?) She has coral chips and tiny shells and pearl beads in her jewellery and everything about her is bright and twinkly, you can just imagine her sunning herself next to a rock pool somewhere exotic... I just wish I'd had time to make her planned "Tiger Shark" companion... Hopefully I will get him done sometime in the next few weeks.
Don't forget to check out all the other Element inspired art dolls on the other participating blogs, check out the list on the ADO Blog (in my links list)

Ado 4 Elements BLOG EVENT - Finished Dragon

Here is Idris, he was quite badly behaved during the photoshoot so I just went with this one pose. Maybe it was a bit optimistic making a four legged creature be so flexible. The hidden button joints on his legs are quite free moving, I had him in this great "rampant" heraldic pose but as soon as the camera was ready he slowly sat down!

He is very fiery, which comes mainly from the metallic fabrics used, they cast a reddish glow on everything near him. You may notice that he has much larger feet at the front... well, I used a wonderful pattern as a basis for the face ( Melinda's dragon pattern at ) and realised that the way she was approaching the feet was a lot simpler than the pattern I made. I was planing on making each toe separately! So I used the back legs from this pattern too. It was a bit of a mistake, to be honest, as he has a much longer, heavier body to carry and so later I adapted the front feet to spread the load better. He is staying with me as a mascot, so later on I will make new back legs for him with the bigger feet. here he is though, and Ramani the Mermaid will be posted later.

Be sure to check out all the other fantastic ADO 4 Elements participants, you can find the list at the ADO Blog (in my links list)

Friday, July 17, 2009

ADO 4 Elements BLOG EVENT - Water!!!

Here is my representation of the water element... Her name is Ramani - the Bollywood Mermaid. I was originally going to make a traditional mermaid but then the 4 elements challenge came up, I posted a very early pic on the 2nd June. I realised I wanted to get away from the usual blues/aqua colour palate and had also been thinking about the fact that Dugongs are sometimes known as Asian Mermaids. Dugong and Manatees are thought to have inspired the original myths of mermaids - men at sea sometimes for years on end would spot these mysterious shapes in the water and created a mirage like fantasy woman in their imaginations. So that set me thinking of the Indian Ocean and colourful Sari fabrics. The whole Bollywood look is so glitzy and glam and FUN I decided to approach my mermaid from that angle! The Ganges flowing out to the ocean is respected as the giver of life in India too, so it seemed appropriate.

Check back tomorrow and I will show you how Ramani looks finished, and take a peek at my Fire/Dragon WIPs below :o)

Ado 4 Elements BLOG EVENT - Fire!!!

Yay, it starts today! The Ado doll groups $ Elements Challenge is on for the weekend, go to the ADO Blog - There is a list of participating blogs down the top left column - and check out the sheer variety of doll artistry on show!!!! I have decied to show my "work in Progress" shots today, I will post pics of my finished dolls tomorrow.

I chose Fire and Water. I decided to represent Fire with a dragon, not just any dragon but the one from the Welsh Flag. He is called Idris Coch, Coch (pronounced kind of like "korrrrkch" with a hard "c") means red in Welsh. Idris is a good Welsh name and I have sometimes heard the dragon referred to as Idris despite the fact that he has no specific name in the old myths and Arthurian legends. He is a hybrid of my own pattern creating and a wonderful head from a pattern that I bought online. I will tell you more about that tomorrow when I show you the finished thing!

Check back later for the Water work in progress pics!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

In a treasury

Chuffed that my gothic beauty "Regina Noir" ACEO has been included in a treasury by Abi of Angel At My Table. There are some truly adorable dolls in the treasury, go take a peek at:

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I'm Back!

I'm back from my impromptu holiday and the shop is open again with 2 new items and a new look... there will be more new things appearing over the next few weeks as some projects I've been working on in the background are nearing completion. First though, we have Lady Agatha the "Boudoir" Stump Doll and a new Vampire ACEO. Lady Agatha was really fun to make (that's a removable corset she's wearing, well, if I hadn't attached it with a few stitches here and there). I had a mad phase of doing these Marie Antoinette style wigs a few years ago but then got bored with them, but somehow I think they are going to have a renaissance (sorry for mixing my eras) over the next few months!

Check out the ACEO in the shop, the black bar isn't there but I don't think she looks offensive... maybe it's all those years doing Life Classes at Art College but nudity never seems shocking to me, beside she has filigree flowers instead of nipples, so quite tasteful, surely? I guess I'm censoring myself! I even decided to leave out the gorier aspects of Lady Agatha's story... when I was needle sculpting the face she took on a different character to what I was originally intending, looking much older, but I liked her that way. The body was already made and "younger"... so I came up with this story where she is this fading beauty who is falling out of favour at Court, she hears of Countess Bathory's beauty treatment and decides to bathe in the blood of young virgin's too. But no matter how hard she tries, she just can't bring herself to wash her face in blood! So that is why Lady Agatha has retained her youthful figure while her face still shows her real age.

I've decided to leave it out though, because sales are hard enough to come by these days and I don't want to put anyone off! As many of my fellow Dark Siders have been finding out, there is quite a vocal puritanical element on Etsy. Sad but true.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

On Holiday!!!

Yay, I'm going away tomorrow, so no blogs from me for a week! :o)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

OK, I will leave it like this...

I think the twee little Twitter birdie is closing his eyes in horror! He's scared of the wall of skulls just above his head, bless him. But why, not as if they are bird skulls?

Now it's too big!

Ooohhh, this whole customize your blog thing is a bit hit and miss... obviously I am not going to leave it like this, but at least I know I have the code right. That says "inspired by Itkupilli" at the top there... because it was!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Where are the mermaids, you ask???

I know, I know, the header doesn't match the background... but I was bored with the mermaids and wandered into Itkupilli's shop by accident and had to have this! Let's hope the naughty lady makes a 3 column version soon! I'm going to do my own bespoke header with the gothic set I bought from her shop... later... honest!