Thursday, June 25, 2009

Spooky Blog Activity

OMG!!! I just had to sign back in to get to my blog and it took me back to the post with the fox painting... that was on the 21st... did I just time travel???? Did I just experience a blogspot wormhole or something?

And, where is everyone?


Abi said...

I'm here! but then I always am! I'm either extremely nosey, or just obsessed with blogs!! wormhole for sure! :O)

MarZel said...

I am here...but you are is strangely quiet!! I wonder if everyone is busy with summer busyness or what? I know I am busy getting ready for Saturday Mad Hatter Tea Party!!

Yve said...

It's just spooky quiet! Calm before the storm, don'tcha know? :o)