Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sculpted Mermaids

Wow, look at these beauties! The 2 mermaids below are the work of Doll Artist Vania Cruz-Perez, she says: "I love mermaids! The concept of magical creatures that are half human and half fish just fascinates me. The reason that I like to create mermaid dolls would be my love of the fantasy world and all things related. Greek mythology plays a big role on my work alongside with European folklore. With each mermaid I create I try to imagine a story along as I sculpt, this gives me the jump start and before you know it….wala!! A mermaid is born out of clay.
You can find her at:


Abi said...

I love the mermaid lying down - beautiful pose and colors.

Yve said...

I know, they are lovely

Fantasy Whispers - Vania Cruz-Perez said...

Thank you Yve for having me on your blog!! What an honor :)