Monday, June 15, 2009

No vintage nudie men?

hhmmm, continuing my exhausting search for vintage images to play "altered art" with and I have made a startling discovery... MEN were not invented until the 1950's! Previous to that they were outnumbered by women and small children with kittens at a ratio of something like 500 to 1 - and HE had enormous mutton chop whiskers.

This is undoubtedly down to the fact that once cameras were invented men realised that they could take naked pics of ladies and never bothered to take pictures of themselves or each other. Given that most fashion photographers (OK, this may be one of those "sweeping generalisations" I'm so fond of...but) are gay men, surely somewhere there has to be a vast stash of (at the very least) coy nudie Victorian men showing their ankles and twiddling their moustaches suggestively for the camera? Or is that just my furtive imagination again? C'mon guys, I feel a bit let down! :o)


MarZel said...

OMG!! YOu made me laught today...I so heartily agree!!

Yve said...

I live in hope!