Tuesday, June 30, 2009

No death left un-pimped

Am I alone in not feeling the need to rush out and buy a chimp or a pair of shades and a red leather jacket to pay my respects to the recently deceased Michael Jackson? Bea Arthur's death also passed in this household with a general sense of "Bless her, I used to love the Golden Girls, she seemed a nice woman" rather than a need to rush over to Etsy and find myself a gift guide to all those raglan sleeved cat suits she was so fond of. I am really at a loss as to why Etsy seem to follow the herd in confusing "paying tribute" with " blatant marketing".

Call me old fashioned.


Georgina said...

Me too!I don't get it, but then I've never been part of the "sheeple" crowd either.

Yve said...

It's kind of worrying that people behave that way

Abi said...

Oh well, looks like I'm old fashioned too. I am sick of turning the TV on and seeing endless reports on why, how, when and whom stuff about MJ and his kids etc etc. Why don't they leave them the hell alone.

Static White said...

Did Mother Teresa even get this much coverage? Now SHE was a coverage worthy person, in my opinion and I'm not even vaguely religious.

How quickly all the negatives are washed away for the love of a pop icon.