Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My 10 blog awards go to, in no particular order, as they say:

Gail Lackey Ghosties
Etsy's Dark Side Street Team
Carpe Noctem
Bone Head Studios
Kit's Glass Etchings Super ...
LoopyBoopy Art
Tattoo Tales
Static White's Stitchery

After the whole "let's play spooky tag" disaster I'm really scared to tell any of them frankly, so wish me luck!


Illustrated Ink said...

Thank you so much for the nomination! I'm honored to have been selected!

Yve said...

Yay! Your welcome :o)

LoopyBoopy said...

Hey Yve. Thanks so much for the nomination!! What do I gotta do? I'm a blog boob mind you:) Truth is I have a really old computer and blogger brings it to a screeching halt so I don't get to browse as much as I would like. One day I'll get that new day!!

Yve said...

Easy pease, just put the Gourqueen screen award pic on your blog, give me a mention as the person who nominated you and then pick your own nominess, blogs you love! Will send you the pic if you are having probs! :o)