Monday, June 8, 2009

Mermaid Doll Kit

Here is my prototype for the Mermaid Doll Kit. The kit contains a pattern and virtually everything you need to make a replica of this doll. I have altered the pattern a little since making up the prototype, widening the body between the shoulders. I also give you more bits of netting and beads than I've used on this prototype so you can embellish the doll some more! You have the option of just statically attaching the arms or button jointing them so they can move. I give you full instructions of how to do that if it's not a technique you've tried before.

I've gone over the instructions again to make sure they are simple and easy to follow. Of course you can change or add anything you like. I also provide a guide for you to trace the face out but you can draw/paint any face you want on the doll. So good luck to all the Newsletter Subscribers again, and keep your eyes peeled for that ship! First one to spot it gets the kit, second one to spot it gets 2 mermaid altered art ACEOs. :o)


Sugar Donkey Dolls said...

She's beautiful, I especially love the eyes.

Anonymous said...
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Yve said...

Thanks sugar donkey (great name!) but EEEK, what on earth did the other person say that they had to delete?