Monday, June 29, 2009

Ilona's Snail House!

I have been maintaining the ADO 4 Elements Challenge blog event list of participants while Nicole is away and we have so many incredible doll artists taking part! If you haven't entered there's still time, simply read about it on the Ado Blog ( ) and send us an email.

Although all the participants are fantastic I just had to share this with you. The latest Doll Artist to join is Ilona Vlasenko from Helsinki and she has this snail/house creation on her blog. Take a look at all the photos on the blog, you can actually go inside the Snail shell, it has furniture and crockery, everything!!!! I want to move in! Go to:

I may not be able to understand a word of it but I'm SO following her blog from now on! ;o)


Georgina said...

OMG, what wonderful work! I went to her blog and it was just a joy to look at each little detail of her snail. Hope you checked out some of her friend's blogs too...can't read a word of any of it, but who needs words, the pics alone are eye candy.

Diane said...

that snail house is crazy incredible!!!

Yve said...

Good idea Georgina! I must go back and check out all her links :o)