Friday, June 19, 2009

Etsy Front Page Rant-o-rama

OK, let's get this straight, I may be wholly wrong in thinking this front page from RIGHT NOW was chosen by the Etsy Admin but I can't see the usual "chosen by..." credit, so I'm ASSUMING. Here we have a whole front page of random items chosen from the theme "Vampire Romance", so there's going to be more than a few listings from my fellow Etsy Dark Side Street Team members right? As far as I can see there's only one: Idlehands (congats, Honey!).

There are also 2 Vampire art dolls, so maybe 1 at least will be by a fellow member of ADO or EGADS street team's that I belong to? You always feel proud, when you see a fellow team member get a well deserved mention but sorry, no, neither doll is by an Etsian I recognise.

I know that Dark and Bloody themes are not the soul preserve of the Dark Siders, I know Art Dolls aren't exclusive to us (and, drat, I don't have a Vampire Art Doll listed right now, despite them being a staple of Freaky Little Things) but it seems almost willful the way we rarely feature in Etsy's collections, even when the theme is DARK.... I remember the Gothic Steampunk gift guides never featured more than a (bloody steam-driven) handfull of Dark Siders.


PS: I woke up grouchy this morning, hope it's not showing!


Kaleidoskopic Romance said...

I completely agree with you. Could somebody explain to me what a key and a yarn bundle has to do with "Vampire Romance"?

Congrats to the few of our team that got featured! A little victory is more than no victory, I guess...

KitCameo said...

I COMPLETELY agree, but am hoping this means they will create more dark themed front pages. However, do you notice that the backgrounds in the photos are still MOSTLY white or light backgrounds? They REALLY don't like black backgrounds on their front page, do they?!

Yve said...

I know, someone posted recently that the only way to get on the front page is to photograph on a white background... which kind of suck as many of us want to create little worlds for items, surely?

I too hope they will run with the dark themes for a while though, anything to break the monotony!

Yve said...

KR, just got the bit about yarn bundles, at least the key has "skeleton" in the title though. Also, no offence to anyone, what's a black cami set got to do with Vampires, everyone wears stuff like that?