Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Blog Award, Hurrah!!!

Wow, thanks to MarZel of "The Play of light and Shadow" for this fab award! I am officially chuffed to mintballs, as they say... it may possibly be just MY MOTHER who says that, but you get the gist. This is the very first award for my blog and I feel it is my right to do one of those big gushy "Oscar" speeches where I thank everyone I've ever met and cry a lot... but that would just be a typical Wednesday, n'est pas?

...Oh Hell, the band is starting to strike up and they are trying to usher me off the stage, so I'd better just say that this award is to be shared with anyone whose blog you just love. Whether it's their art, their interests, the things they share, you just simply love to visit their blog!

This is what you do:1~Accept the award then post it on your blog with the name and link of the person's blog who shared this award with you. (MarZel's link is down the side as I don't know how to do clickable text!) 2~Explain the award.3~Then share the award with at least 10 blogs that make you SCREAM! Please tell what makes their blog so special to you. Be sure to let them know they have received the award. Also you can share this award again if you run across more bloggers that make you SCREAM!

Will post my list of awardees later :o)

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