Tuesday, June 2, 2009

altered art rip off merchant... beware

Still no answer from the seller, while I don't want to publicly name and shame someone who may still turn around and send me a useable version of the 2 collage sheets I bought, or refund my money, I am happy to email the seller concerned's shop name to anyone who regularly buys collage/altered art images from etsy sellers.

This has really upset me, I hate conflict but hate being ripped off even more!


Something Dreadful said...

X__X what an awful mess! Sorry you're caught up in all of this. I must, however, commend your attitude towards it. I think also that the age of manners has gone out the window. Everyone is so quick to be on the defense. I hope you get it sorted out!

Yve said...

She has contacted me today saying she will issue a refund and apologising so thank god for that! I really didn't want to leave bad feedback and have nasty dealings with someone :o)

Something Dreadful said...

Good! I'm so glad it got sorted out. It's so nice (and rare) when unpleasantness like this gets worked out.