Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wanna Play Spooky tag?

Ok, so here's the rules:

Name check and post a link back to whoever "tagged" you. Then answer the questions below and post them on you blog. Then it's your turn to tag at least 4 spooky minded bloggers by leaving a comment on their blog/my space/etc. Remember to include the image and the list of questions!

Here are my questions and answers-

Q: Bat, Wolf or Owl:which are you?
A: definitely a bat, they spend most of the time sleeping somewhere warm and move erratically

Q: Name your fave spooky movie
A: The original 60's version of The Haunting, still gives me the creeps!

Q: When did you last have the chills and why?
A: A few years nights ago when something was walking around on my roof at 3am and my cat got spooked and started yowling! Hope it was an Owl?

Q: Have you ever seen a ghost?
A: Hmmmn, well I saw several as a child but wonder now if that was just my overactive imagination


Ok so if you want to play but really don't have the patience to wait until someone tags you, just leave me a comment and I'll send you the spooky tag pic and the list of question!

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