Friday, May 8, 2009

The SLOW red fox and Twitter fatigue

OK, so I'm probably not in the best mood right now as I've been working really long hours and also trying to catch up on almost a years neglected book keeping (what, so putting all your receipts in a box doesn't cut it with the Taxman?) but when I do get an odd moment I try to QUICKLY catch up on other stuff. Fun stuff... like I joined ADO - Art Dolls Only this week, really chuffed as there are so many amazing dollmakers in this group and challenges to be a part of and general activity to get involved with... yay!

So what's the problem, well ruddy Firefox is going sooooooooooooooo slow, it's become virtually unusable since the last update, don't know what they've done to it. Have techno bods never heard that phrase "it ain't broke so don't fix it"? One to live by I think. I totally deleted it from my Mac but it has somehow become the default for opening things like URLs sent to me in emails, by rights that should be Safari, Mac's inbuilt browser. So I had to re-install it and now it's even worse!

My second gripe is that I spent 48 hours as a Twitterer... and frankly, I'm just not twitty enough so have deleted my account... again. I deleted it the first time because it allowed me to type in FreakyLittleThings as my user name then went on to abbreviate it to "FreakyLitteThi" which sounds kind of kinky... then every time I uploaded a photo for my icon it would announce (rather patronizingly, I thought) "That's a nice photo!" then would let me save it and then a few seconds later tell me that there was an error and my photo was not a suitable size. Eventually it accepted my teeny microscoping Freaky Girl pic, then later when I logged on again it had lost the pic!!! And all the details I'd entered on the profile page.... gaaaarrrrr. Apart from saying that I hate Twitter I couldn't think of anything else to say, so I left :o)

Ok, I'm a grump and I know loads of you have fun on Twitter/My Space/Facebook etc... and I try, I really do... but for me I just feel life is too damn short to keep updating all these damn sites, it's all seems kind of fatuous at times, like those round-robin emails from people who never actually call you or send you a few words they've written with you specifically in mind... oh, and bloody angels... and things that will bring you good luck if you send them to your 75 closest friends in the next 10 minutes. I think I just might go back to talking to people...

Oooohhh, and ranting on my blog of course!

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