Thursday, April 30, 2009

They're late for a very important date!

They say better late than never, right? Well, it's the last day of the April Etsy Dark Side Alice and her White Rabbit exhibition, and I finally finished my "entry"!!!! I guess that little Bunny's tardiness has rubbed off on Alice, too.

Just giving you a sneak peak, will do their photoshoot for the shop over the next few days, I'm hoping the wind will drop so that I can take them out for a woodland setting, who knows. They won't make it to the shop until next week, though because I am finally going to do the sensible thing and pack them up and get a postal estimate rather than guessing. That's what I usually do, and I never guess right! :o)



Mischief Makers said...

She's lovely.
I hope you'll join us for some "Wonderland" fun on 5/5/09.
Alice :)

Zan Asha said...

Wow, what a beauty! I love the costuming on both of them!

jaz said...

hi...i just found your blog and love these dolls! i think you might find my blog very interesting. stroll through the archives too!



jaz said...

thanks for checking out my blog. the pup is teddy. theodora aka teddy for short. she is a chow chow. there are a bunch of pictures of her. did you see her black tongue? i try to do teddy tuesdays when i remember. joyce

Yve said...

I know, what a lovely dog...and that coming from one of those "More of a cat person" types!