Friday, April 24, 2009

Inside the house

When I was trying to figure out how all the pieces fitted together (There is a numbered system, but why bother with that, that's like buying a camera/TV/computer and reading the instruction manual, where's the fun duh!??) I couldn't find a picture of the inside or the missing outer side of the house. So things took a bit longer. Here's a pic of how the stairs should fit together in case anyone ever needs it. Don't worry about the wonkiness, it was still under construction at the point of taking this pic.

I love this little model BUT (and boy, do I sound like my 8 year old self here) the inside isn't that well thought out. Your grand front door opens into a wall, the staircase cuts across a window and most annoying of all... the only balcony access, the french window, walks straight into mid air and a one storey drop. I mean that could kill you surely? Needless to say alterations have been made to cheat more space, the staircase to the attic has been swung round and a new floor added to stop any french window mishaps... in cardboard, just like my 8 year old self would have approached it.

Of course, my 8 year old self decided to house a bunch of cute hairy caterpillars in her swish new chalet style wooden dollhouse (whatever happened to that???) and filled it up with grass and flowers for them to munch on. I never told the tall people about my little house guests, who proceeded to turn into moths and ate my bedroom curtains, causing a unilateral ban on livestock in the bedroom. Which was a shame as my new tenants, the snails, were just settling in nicely. I think I'll stick to dolls as occupiers for this one :o)

Alice will be finished today, so saving the sneak peek for tomorrow.



Georgina said...

I love the "wonkieness"(Webster is turning in his grave!) of the house. Beetlejuice would love!!!!


Zan Asha said...

Oooh, so it's sort of like the Winchester mansion is it? Well, it doesn't make for a lot of liveability, but who wants practicality, anyway? :D

Yve said...

I'd forgotten Beetlejuice, I used to live next door to him. Seriously, my neighbour was the spitting image, when the film came out little kids used to run up to him in the street and shout "Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice". His head never shrank though.

Diane said...

i'm excited just seeing it!! oh it looks like so much fun!