Friday, April 3, 2009

Frosty admires her hair-do

Here's Frosty admiring her new hair in the mirror, typical girl! The hair is made from Milk Fibre Protein (casein), which I don't really know too much about and have never used before. Apparently it's been around since the 30's and was used instead of wool by manufacturers during the war.

It's incredibly soft and silky but seems a little unstable, if you pull a big hank of it it's really strong but pull at the individual fibres and they seem to separate and come away like gossamer. Strange. I decided to twirl it in hanks to make this hair-do, to utilize that "strength in numbers" property. I'm really pleased with the results and so, it would appear, is Frosty!

The nicest thing about this stuff is the colour, a beautiful soft creamy blonde, kind of like, hmmmm, let's see... milk! The strangest thing about Milk Protein Fibre is suggested in the name, when I first opened the bag there was a distinct MILK smell, which has thankfully disappeared. As this is something of an experiment I'd be interested to hear from anyone else who has experience of this material. :o)



Zan Asha said...

Hello again Lady Yve. My understanding about the casein is that it is either a "condensed" mixed, and whipped version of milk or clotted milk(which would account for its fragility and the strong milk odour) or a blend of this fiber with other natural fibers.

Sounds like yours might be the latter case. And yes, it's been around since the 30's--was used in WWII when there was a shortage of other fibers--my mother was a WWII child and did tell me about this "fiber" Wow, amazing to see it still around, and apparently being used for good things!

Yve said...

I know, it's weird that it isn't used more, it's lovely, I think I'm a real convert now! :o)