Friday, April 24, 2009

Alice in Blunderland

Woe is me, poor Alice may have bitten the dust!

Earlier I posted how she would be finished today and how apt that seems now... when I first painted her face (last week!) I wasn't happy with the end result and wound up painting over it again. Because I had so much success with the Matt medium that I used on Frosty, I used it again for the base flesh tone but for some reason it turned out kind of see-through like a glaze and you could see the old face even when I painted several layers over it. Frosty had white skin, and white is always pretty opaque if you use good quality paints, so I guess it was the mix of other pigments or maybe I used too much matt medium this time?

Anyhow, I decided to use a layer of cream spray paint to completely blank out the face so I could start again. The cream is part of a 2 part crackle glaze kit, you use it with a brown undercoat. It has a fantastic matt finish and nice smooth texture over the gesso. So I painted on the new face and was really pleased and got to work on her clothes.

Today all that was left to do was put on her hair and make her bunny companion, simple, so I wasn't worried when I had to go off and do some design work til late afternoon. I was just deciding on the hair when I noticed this odd bubble near one of her eyes. I ran my finger over it and it moved... then popped! There was now a little hole under her eye and to my horror more bubbles started to appear, basically within a few minutes about a third of her face had gone all molten and peeled back. the paint became like that rubbery glue that you paint your finger with then roll off. It's awful, looks like some sort of disease and she was so pretty just moments before.

I can only think that the spray paint is unstable without it's undercoat, I've used the 2 together loads of times and never had a problem. Now I have removed all of the rubbery stuff and am just left with a blank area and 2 thirds of the original face paint, but what if the rest of the pray paint reacts later on and I have to start all over again... again? maybe I should get some paint thinner or something and try to get right back to the gesso. DISASTER.

I have now removed all her clothes and limbs, as at least they are ok and at worst I can just make a new head/torso. In some ways that would be the best course but the gesso layers and then the paper dough features take a long time to dry. I very much doubt she will make it to the Dark Side exhibition somehow. NIGHTMARE!!!


Zan Asha said...

:( Oh this is sad,indeed! I know all doll makers go through this but I can imagine how horribly frustrating it is especially if there is an exhibition, and you've culled all your energy redoing and redoing! I wish you godspeed and extra energy in finishing her!

Yve said...

Thanks, I definitely need the energy! like most doll makers I fit this in around the "day Job", which as I work from home for unusual hours can leave me burning the midnight oil, I'm too tired to face redoing her again right now. Might work on something else.

I will post a pic of her eaten away face as soon as I've mended her, do a before and after post!

Illustrated Ink said...

OMG! I can completely sympathize! I work with a lot of spray paint and glazes-and when those go wrong, they take your project with them. I've had so many frustrating experiences, and had to say goodbye to many projects myself. Good luck with re-creating her, just breathe...(that's what I say in my head).

Susan Shaw said...

If she is supposed to be for a Dark Side challenge, maybe you should go with it, and treat it like a serendipitous challenge to create something unusual. Having a face that looks diseased certainly seems in keeping with the Dark theme.

Yve said...

Tee hee, Yeah she would have made a fantastic zombie Alice! The thought did cross my mind and that's definitely a future project :o)