Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pullip off to find a new home... maybe

Last year I posted about my curiosity about Pullip dolls, and bought 2, a boy and girl. The boy, Tae Yang Cavalie, has gone to a new home - he had such a beautiful face and long blonde hair, that I could only imagine him as a girl and didn't want to go through the whole sex-swap find a new matching body scenario.

Pullip herself was a bit of a disappointment to me to be honest. I just couldn't bond with her at all, even after customizing her and turning her into "Flossie" pictured below. She is very cute when I have her by herself but on the doll shelf she can't compete with the 2 Blythes. Just not for me I guess, but I hope she goes to someone who will love her and give her pride of place.

I've decided that my non OOAK dolly collection needs a spring prune so the Tonners are on ebay right now along with poor Flossie. Of course that means more room for new dolls???


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