Thursday, March 19, 2009

Frost fairy update

If something isn't right, just start again, that's often my moto when it comes to my dolls. I don't mean go right back to scratch but I regularly completely redo the hair or costume of a doll, and sometimes have a total rethink.

When I doodled the idea for Frosty on paper I saw her as a slightly comical figure with a huge Bo-peep style 17/18th century costme. Yesterday I finished her dress, resplendent with lots of sparkly trims and a hooped underskirt and "paniers" sticking out to the side. The fabric was gorgeous, lower skirt of silver silk under an iced blue taffeta draped overskirt which was covered in embroidery and sequins. It was lovely, so why aren't I showing you a photo?

Well, Frosty, as she's sat on my shelf for weeks, has revealed her character to be far more regal and elegant than I'd imagined. She just didn't look comfortable, as though she was in a fancy dress costume rather than in her own gown... so it had to go! I spent yesterday evening unpicking it and today I'm back to square one. Ho hum, at least her boots look right!

Am I insane or do all doll makers feel they are at the service of their own creations?


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Nat said...

Yep, and my dolls are a bit upset with my absence.