Monday, March 30, 2009


I think they call it synchronicity (or was that just an old Police song?) but the idea of old Victorian Circus performers and their costumes has been on my mind a lot lately. I was looking for a costume to make for the latest addition to my small BJD family and my thoughts turned to the Big Top. I recently found a circus/side show themed gift guide on etsy, maybe that's what set me off, but I have just started on her corset when I came across this beautiful site:


Arcadia (link down the side as usual) is run by 2 very talented Spanish sisters and well worth a look - not just for the stunning clothing they make for BJD dolls, but also for the graphic design and beautiful styling/typography/photography. I love finding treasures like this!

Finishing Frosty's frock this evening, finally... (ahhh, don't you just love aliteration!??) so will post some pics tomorrow :o)

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Abi said...

I was googling/looking for some circus inspiration, and saw this image.... who should be at the other end of it? Yve!!! LOL