Friday, February 6, 2009

Starting new doll

I will go "missing in action" again for a few days as more freelance design work has come in...however, here is a sketch (yes, a SKETCH, such a rarity these days, sadly!) of the new full-size doll I have started on: The Frost Fairy, what else with all the snow we've been seeing lately?

I have no idea what the cone base is all about yet...I initially had this idea that she would have a kind of Snow Globe in her base/skirt... but had no idea HOW I was going to make that. That's the big difference between Freaky Little Things and my freelance designs, I need to be capable of making all my dolls myself, whereas in the day job I just leave all the technical hands on stuff to some poor soul in China! Obviously as a product designer I do need to know that what I come up with CAN be manufactured and come in for a price, but I don't have to do the fiddly stuff myself. Every prototype is made in China now whereas years ago when I came up with a toy idea I would make the prototype myself and got pretty good at pattern cutting and being hands on. I miss it, so making dolls has been a good way to keep myself connected.

Despite the freelance work I have promised myself to get the 3 Boudoir dolls finished and listed by Monday, and get somewhere with little Frosty before the middle of next week, wish me luck! :o)



inkdoll said...

super cool

Nat said...

You have such an incredible talent. Love the sketch, can't wait to see her.

Yve said...

Thanks to both of you :o) I hope posting the sketches will help keep me focused, I disappear on freelance jobs for quite long periods and coming back to pick up where I left off on a doll, isn't always easy. The sketches will keep me inspired hopefully!

Static White said...

I'm sure it will be beautiful as always :)

Gail Lackey said...

Wow! Love your sketches and costumes! Your so very talented!!
Happy hauntings, Gail