Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mature Beauties

I've been feeling under the weather for the last week so haven't finished the new "Boudoir" dolls yet. While stuffing the 3rd one I got a bit carried away and she has turned out a little "fuller figured" than usual... bit like my good self! What happened to the diet?

Anyway, that got me thinking, why do my dolls always have to be skinny and young? Surely it's time to celebrate the more mature woman's beauty? So these first 3 Boudoir dolls are a little different to my usual output, a little more realistic certainly but also a celebration of faces that have lived a little. They will still be all gussied up in finery with funky corsets on, of course! Here's a sneak peak at 2 of them - What do you think?



Marjorie Dawson said...

Great! I am finding dolls that are featureless unless they have character, or personality. These looks amazing - so real!

Yve said...

Thanks, sometimes I get a bit fed up of the way women are portrayed in the media, you watch TV and get the impression everyone is under 35, tall, slim and blonde. Then I realise that I kind of do the same thing with my art, even though they are spooky, they are still very young and perfect looking. Just thought I'd give it a try for once! :o)

Yve said...

OK, I'd like to retract that last statement, my dolls ARE spooky, but far from young and perfect looking, tee hee!

inkdoll said...

Very awesome!